Nell Hill's design team

Meet Our Designers

Anne Epstein

If Anne had to describe her style in three words, it would be classic, colorful, and preppy. She has a special appreciation for all styles, but her favorites are traditional with touches of color, whimsy, and most of all, fun! Once a customer falls in love with an item – whether it’s a fabric, light fixture, or even just a photo – Anne is able to expand and create a beautiful design made just for them. As a designer, she loves having the opportunity to work with amazing textiles, and has earned the title of Fabric Fanatic!

Dianne Lowenberg, Nell Hill's Designer

Dianne Lowenburg

Dianne has always had a passion for design and loves a challenge. She has been part of design projects across the country and takes great pride in her ability to integrate a client’s dream with her own vision to create a beautiful reality. Her greatest priority is to fit her design to the client, rather than have the client fit her design. As a designer, her favorite moment is when her client has their “aha!” moment and feels their project has finally come together.

Liz Pohl, Nell Hill's Designer

Liz Pohl

Liz is the perfect mix of function and style. She leads with usability, but isn’t afraid to think outside the box to create fantastic and timeless designs. Her style is functional, classic, dapper, clean, and collected. She begins her process by finding design inspiration from furniture, art, or an item that her client adores. Her favorite trends are modern and industrial farmhouse because she loves mixing textures and finishes – like wood and metal – to construct a fully incorporated and stunning look.

Taylor Schwartz, Nell Hill's Designer

Taylor Schwartz

Taylor designs big and bold. She loves maximalism, and is always looking for a way to mix patterns and incorporate colors and textures into a space. Finding inspiration in Andre Leon Tailey’s quote, “Style will get you up to the steps into the revolving door; substance and knowledge will allow you to access new horizons,” she is constantly looking to learn and evolve her eclectic, whimsical, and conversational design style. Taylor’s favorite trend is the comeback of wallpaper. She uses it in her clients’ homes as an extra special touch. As a designer, her biggest reward is being able to step back, look at a space she designed, and watch as others successfully interpret who the client is. Taylor loves designing interior spaces that are a true representation of the client, while also satisfying their needs and desires.

Reese Spangler, Nell Hill's Designer

Reese Spangler

Reese is a passionate designer who loves creating spaces that are both contemporary and timeless. She loves to incorporate pops of color and pattern into her designs, using bold textiles, wallpaper, and accessories to add personality and flair. Her approach to design is both collaborative and detail-oriented, ensuring every design is tailored to the specific needs and preferences of her clients.

Jenna Witteman, Nell Hill's Designer

Jenna Witteman

From a young age, Jenna has had a love for design. She strives to ensure her design solutions are a true reflection of the client’s personality. She loves adding classic elements to transitional styles, creating a modern, timeless space for years to come. Jenna specializes in bringing new life to an already beloved space, and she has a true knack for understanding her client’s vision and turning it into a reality.

Zoe Goss, Fabric Department Manager

Zoe Goss, Fabric Department Manager

Need assistance selecting a fabric for a reupholstery project, a new cushion or perhaps a pair of fresh pillows? Zoe and the fabric team are here to help! Zoe quite literally grew up at Nell Hill’s, spending long hours crawling around the showroom floor as her mom, grandma and aunt shopped. She joined the Nell Hill’s team as a high schooler and the rest is history! She enjoys helping customers select fabrics for projects of all kinds while overseeing the day-to-day operations of the fabric department.