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Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall with Dillon

A few weeks ago I posted a photo from the “Commercial Street” room in the shop that featured a lovely gallery wall display curated and hung by our very own talented art (and chandelier, and really anything that requires hanging) specialist, Dillon. Dillon has been with the shop for 23 years and has his art arrangements down to a science – so precise it seems like magic! He has traveled from coast to coast on behalf of Nell Hill’s, hanging art for customers from Palm Springs to Washington D.C. and is always in high demand (when he can sneak out of the shop, that is 😉). This is why, when I started receiving some questions on how to create the perfect display, I knew I needed to corner him and get the inside tricks and tips that he has collected over the years to share with you all!

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Bringing Warmth to a Modern House

As a home décor enthusiast and shop owner I am always looking for new and exciting challenges. It is truly amazing how much décor can change an entire home! I got my wish this October (which feels like just yesterday – how is it already almost 2020?!) when Nell Hill’s had the opportunity to work with local realtor Kristen Malfer to stage an ultra-modern home located in Leawood, Kansas.

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The Art of the #Shelfie

On social media lately I have been seeing the #shelfie hashtag popping up all over. A “shelfie” is a play on the ever-popular “selfie” but focuses on a beautifully decorated shelf. This is perfect for us here at Nell Hill’s! Not only do we love an impeccable vignette, we also adore perfectly styled shelves! In today’s post I’ve decided to pull back the curtain (or cabinet door if you will) and share some of our go-to tactics for creating the perfect #shelfie moment!

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Meet the Artist: Jill Opelka

One of my many favorite things about being the steward of Nell Hill’s is having the opportunity to meet local talent. Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting Kansas City artist Jill Opelka at her home studio. I had a wonderful time seeing her home and getting to know more about her and her work. I can’t wait to share some of my favorite parts with you in this week’s blog post!

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Meet the Artist Jan Fellers

The other week I had the pleasure of visiting local Kansas City artist Jan Fellers in her beautiful studio. Let me tell you, if you haven’t met her yet, you won’t want to miss your opportunity when she is at the shop April 26-28th! She is a treat, and so is Dave, her hugely supportive husband. I learned so much about Jan and her work – I can’t wait to share it with you all in this weeks post!

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A House Isn’t A Home Without Art On The Walls

Just like adding jewelry to the perfect outfit, nothing pulls a room together like impeccably decorated walls. I’ve found at the shop that people are either very excited to buy art, or very intimidated. While art speaks differently to everyone, I can offer a few tactics as to how to incorporate pieces into your decor seamlessly and effectively.

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