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MC Classic Collection: Making a Space for Baby

One thing I have always loved about Nell Hill’s is it’s classic approach to design. What you might have found on the shop floor years ago might still pop up today and look perfectly current. Mary Carol’s design advice is equally as timeless! Since we recently (and quietly) launched our Baby and Kids area in the shop, I thought it would be another great time to share some tried and true advice from our Mary Carol! As you read in Picking the Perfect Sofa, her words of wisdom are still just as relevant now as they were when she first wrote them.

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Baby + Kids Collection

This past year I have had babies on the brain! Between raising my three-year-old (or “the threenager” as we like to call him), attending baby showers for what seems like all of my gal pals, and also fighting a slight case of baby fever, I have been looking for a way to incorporate this part of my life into our Nell Hill’s offerings. One of the many things I love about Mary Carol and her many chapters of the Nell Hill’s story is how she was able to breath her own life into the shop, and now I hope to do the same!

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Oh Baby, What a Shower!

I miss entertaining. For years, I had all kinds of events at my home, from small dinners with friends to our daughter’s wedding and reception.

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Baby Love

Tired of doing your kids’ rooms in the latest comic book character or TV show theme? A growing number of young moms are passing up

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