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Creating the Perfect Office

Office spaces aren’t just for full time employees.  We all need a place to pay the bills, go through paperwork, and keep our computers charging.  So how do you set up a productive area without losing the charm of the home aesthetic you have worked so hard to achieve? It is all in the details my friends!

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Home Office Essentials

While parts of day-to-day life seem to be getting back to “normal” (or at least a new NEW normal), some changes from the last year seemed poised to stay around for some time to come. One of these changes is that home offices are more necessary than ever! With offices turning to permanent work from home or hybrid work schedules, it is important to create a practical space at home that is built for productivity. This has created a new challenge for us here at the shop, since many times practical and productive can be a bit…blah. We’ve been searching high and low to bring style and finesse to our home office essentials so that you can create a study that will stun both in person and over Zoom.

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Home Office: Make Working from Home Work for You

I’ve found that not only is it important for me to have a functional space, but also one that reflects my creativity and style and keeps me inspired. Since we’re also in the middle of a move (yes, let’s throw that into the mix, shall we?) and I’m still getting my perfect little work-at-home space together, I am fortunate enough to have seen some beautiful examples by Nell Hill’s clients and designers that have provided a wealth of inspiration!

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Nell Hill’s Home: Lawrence

Before this turn of events, I had the pleasure of going to visit our long-time customer, Gail, and her home in nearby Lawrence, KS. I am always so excited to see a Nell Hill’s home and this one is breathtaking! It was just like its owners – warm and inviting. I had such a fantastic time speaking with Gail about her home and I am thrilled to be able to share it with you today!

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The Season of Gifting

December is finally here! While we have been talking about the holidays for quite some time, it’s now setting in that there are only a few short weeks left until Christmas morning. With that comes the rush to get the perfect gifts for family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, party hostesses (wow I need to take a breath) and whoever else you run into during this festive season. Now to decide what to get them! Every year it gets harder and harder to play Santa for those I care about! Luckily, I have a few go-to items that are easy to pick out, won’t break the bank, and are universally loved by all!

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