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Lux Lighting: Setting the Mood with Chandeliers

Lighting is an important part of any home and can make or break a well-designed room in the flip of a switch. I realized the other week after receiving an email from a reader that I have not touched on this important (and sometimes tricky) topic in quite a while. She was wondering, as I am sure many are, on how to pick chandeliers for the dining room, kitchen, bedroom and family room.  What are the styles available? What size is required? How do we hang them?! While hanging them isn’t my specialty (thank goodness for electricians!), I do have some tips for selecting the ideal light for your rooms.

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Light Up Your Home: Pretty Pendants, Stunning Chandeliers, and Lovely Lanterns

There are countless ways to bring your style and aesthetic into your home, but perhaps none as important as the essential and ever-needed light fixture. Overhead lighting can be overlooked, especially when there are so many fabulous lamps we can use to spice up a room and countless other must-have home accessories available to dress up a space! However, the impact that good lighting can have on a space is worth the time and effort it takes to find just the right piece.

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Light Up Your Life: Finding the perfect lamp is easy!

Lighting has such a large impact on a space, it might be surprising to find out it can easily be overlooked when designing a room. We’re always searching for it, it has the ability to impact our mood, and of course, enhance the design of a room. From task lighting to creating general ambiance, lamps are inherently functional, but we’re here to say that you don’t have to sacrifice form for function – yes you can have your cake and eat it too!

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Warm Metals Melt My Heart

Warm metals, like oil-rubbed brass, are a mainstay at my cottage. I love how they add warmth and charm to my home. Here is how I use gold and brass throughout my house.

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