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Designing with LOVE: Valentines Décor

Romance is in the air…or is that just the smell of Christopher Elbow chocolates? Sometimes it’s hard for me to tell them apart! Regardless, Valentine’s Day is approaching and as a lover of seasonal décor I am thrilled that the shop has pops of my favorite red and white goodies! They remind me of all the fun I had during our classroom Valentines Day parties as a kid! Like decorating valentine boxes and handing out cute cards to my fellow classmates (or maybe it was all the sweets I got to take home after)! It can be easy to veer into “cheesy” décor territory with something as whimsical and light hearted as Valentine’s Day, but with the proper approach I find it to be a fun and festive time of year that is perfect to cheer up your home after the bulk of winter holiday decorations have been put away.

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