4 Fall Home Design Ideas to Add Seasonal Style to Your Space

fall bedspread and pillows

Cozy Up Your Living Space with These Home Decor Tips and Tricks

Bring on the changing leaves, bonfires, and pumpkin spice everything! I can hardly wait for fall to arrive in Kansas City.

There’s a lot to love about this transitional time of year. Temperatures begin to cool off, and we finally get to enjoy some relief from the summer heat. On top of that, the season’s holidays are cause for even more celebration.

Although there are a number of reasons to welcome fall with open arms, decorating my home for the season is among my favorites. A home should certainly be well-designed year-round, but adding some seasonal decor is a fun opportunity to refresh your space and integrate new elements of visual interest.

But how exactly do you go beyond pumpkins and gourds and make your personal style a part of your fall home design? I’ve raked up four home decor tips to get you inspired.

Fall Home Design Idea #1: Incorporate Autumn’s Color Palette Inside

Fall is often defined by its earthy, moody color palette. Hues like burnt orange, mahogany, gold, pine green, and more are a great way to tie your interior into the outdoor landscape. After all, so much of the season’s beauty is linked to what’s outside our four walls.

You don’t have to lean into harvest motifs if you want to take a more subtle approach to fall home design. Simply playing with color goes a long way. Throw pillows and blankets that feature the season’s shades are easily incorporated into a living space without making any major changes.

For those looking for more variety, consider the patterns and materials reminiscent of fall. Plaid instantly evokes a sense of coziness, while wicker enhances natural texture. Whatever you’re drawn to, don’t be afraid to get creative and try something new. By experimenting with different combinations, you can develop a fall home design style all your own.

Fall Home Design Idea #2: Embrace Layers

Just as you do with your clothes in fall, layering patterns and textures throughout your space is key to creating a welcoming and warm atmosphere. The season is all about boosting your comfort, and nothing helps achieve that goal quite like having a variety of soft layers in your fall home design.

Mixing and matching materials and fabrics, like leather, velvet, and wool, within your chosen color palette injects dimension into any room and makes a space feel more inviting. I’m a big fan of piling on throws and even area rugs, which results in a dynamic and lived-in look. Not to mention, these accents have practical benefits as well. A plush rug will keep your feet protected from a cold floor, and warm blankets come in handy when you’re reading or watching TV on a chilly evening.

Fall Home Design Idea #3: Update Your Bedding

Fall weekend mornings are best spent snuggled up in bed under cozy sheets with a cup of warm coffee and a book you can’t put down. At this point, it’s likely your bed is still made up with lighter summer layers designed to keep you cool at night, but soon, you’ll want something with more weight.

A tried-and-true home decor tip, updating your bedding for both form and function is a must. The linens you choose provide a place of refuge for you to lay to your head at the end of the day, but when coordinated correctly, they can elevate your sleep space and build on that aforementioned texture we talked about.

For a quintessentially fall home design, try adding flannel, knit, and quilted fabrics to your bedroom. These materials are popular for a reason! They not only look great, but offer warmth and comfort when it matters most. You can also combine patterns for a truly homey feel. A plaid duvet and thinly-striped bed sheet set make for an exquisite seasonal pairing.

Fall Home Design Idea #4: Shop Seasonal Home Furnishings and Decor

Executing your fall home design is one thing, but finding quality home decor in Kansas City is quite another. Trends come and go, your tastes change, and eventually, you’ll want to make new autumn-inspired elements a part of your space. But knowing where to go is half the battle.

Visiting a showroom with a carefully curated selection of furnishings ensures you’ll leave with timeless and unique designs you can enjoy for years to come. It’s also a good idea to take advantage of home design services if you can. A design consultant can offer expert recommendations that shed new light on injecting your home with seasonal style without it feeling forced or impersonal.

Whatever your fall home design preferences, shopping smart is one of the surest ways to craft a look you adore and that fits seamlessly with the rest of your homescape. And it’s never too early to start! Browse a store specializing in home decor in Kansas City to embark on your autumn design journey.

Until next time – happy decorating!