Scented Symphony: Elevating Your Space with Thoughtful Room and Fragrance Combinations

At Nell Hill’s, our devotion to creating inviting spaces knows no bounds, extending even to the ambiance that dances in the air. We hold a special affection for Pickwick and Co. Candles, their warm glow and captivating fragrances are seamlessly woven into the fabric of our aesthetic. The flicker of a candle’s flame invites you into a realm of comfort and luxury, evoking feelings that only a cozy home can inspire.  

From the moment you step through our doors, the gentle glow of a Pickwick candle greets you, setting the tone for an exquisite experience. Crafted in small batches and poured by hand, these candles are imbued with fine perfumes and essential oils, capturing the essence of the world’s most enchanting scents. It’s the perfect harmony of design and fragrance, where every room becomes a sanctuary and every moment is transformed into a cherished memory.  

We love the idea of pairing a room with it’s own fall scent, and think it adds an extra layer of complexity to the design. Each of the four rooms we’ll walk through today is a beautiful example of autumnal elegance and the new traditional design for which we are known. As we pair each room’s design with its own signature fall scent, we invite you to join us in celebrating the symphony of design and fragrance, where beauty unfolds at every turn. 

Pumpkain Chai in the Ward Parkway Brick Room  

Currently the Ward Parkway Brick room is an oasis of caramels, creams, and autumnal browns. What I love most about it is that this space exudes stately elegance without a hint of stuffiness. Like the rest of the shop, the design elements have been carefully curated to create an inviting atmosphere that captures the essence of fall. The pillows, adorned in variations of charming autumnal plaids, provide a cozy and inviting touch. At the heart of the room is a cream-colored sectional nestled around a warm leather ottoman, creating a space that beckons relaxation and comfort.  

To complement this sophisticated yet welcoming space, the choice of scented candle becomes essential. The Pumpkin Chai candle from Pickwick and Co. is the perfect match. It’s a new spin on the traditional chai spice, elevated by the addition of autumn’s favorite gourd. As the flickering flame dances, the enchanting fragrance fills the air, blending the aromas of wild pumpkin, chai spices, cardamom, vanilla, ginger, and cinnamon. With each gentle waft, the room becomes a sanctuary where autumn’s allure lingers in every corner. I picture myself curling up on the sofa with a good book and an Apple Cider Whisky or chatting liesurely with friends while our littles giggle as they play on the floor.

Black Pepper for a Moody Neutrals Bed 

This tan and black bed is a moody haven where sophisticated design intertwines with the masculine allure of Pickwick’s Black Pepper candle. The Black Pepper candle is a harmonious blend of notes, from the fiery essence of black pepper to the refreshing zest of lemon, and the delicacy of jasmine and violet leaf. Its lingering base notes of oakmoss, amber, and patchouli add depth to the fragrance. This scent effortlessly mirrors the bed’s essence, capturing the perfect blend of masculine and feminine tones. It’s one of my absolute favorites!  

This bedscape, like the Black Pepper candle, exudes an aura of refined contrast. The bed frame’s black finish and natural cane lattice create a compelling visual interplay, complementing the warmth of the animal print duvet and matching pillows in soft, light tan hues. The addition of black and white buffalo check pillows introduces a dash of preppy charm, while ticking stripe pillows infuse a casual touch to the ensemble. This bed’s inviting appeal is further elevated by flanking side chairs adorned with a striking black and white stripe pattern, aligning seamlessly with the color theme. 

Fall Foliage for an Autumnal Table 

At the heart of the Trezo Room, which we have lovingly named after our neighbors that we can see from the windows in the space, an opulent autumnal table steals the spotlight. Cement turkeys, symbolic of the season’s bounty, grace the tabletop, their presence augmented by a vibrant spray of fiery berries. An array of pumpkins, each possessing its own unique shape and personality, gracefully meanders along the center, nestled among fall branches and verdant foliage. Place settings are a study in refined beauty, where blown glass pumpkins crown classic blue willow china. Lastly, deep neutral chargers and glassware, along with understated napkins, contribute to an atmosphere of sophisticated warmth. 

A corner display, thoughtfully curated with large vases and baskets brimming with autumnal blooms, vintage-inspired bird cages, and evocative bucolic artwork, adds another layer of charm to the room. This space becomes a haven where aesthetics and ambiance mix, enveloping you in an experience that engages the senses on multiple levels. 

The Trezo Room finds its perfect match in the Fall Foliage scented candle by Pickwick. The essence of birch and maple leaves, infused with notes of pomegranate, juniper berry, and orange blossom, create an olfactory tapestry that mirrors the room’s autumnal palette. Enhanced by pure, natural spice extracts, this fragrance captures the essence of fall in all its vibrancy and richness.

Gatherings in the Mullberry Drive Room 

Let’s step into the exquisite Mullberry Drive room, where design and fragrance intertwine to create an enchanting atmosphere that captures the essence of the season. The walls are adorned in a deep, rich blue that sets a mood of timeless elegance. Your eyes are drawn to a fern green sofa situated opposite an opulently decorated mantle, where the deep burgundy pillows adorned with charming pheasant motifs – a Nell Hill’s favorite for the fall season – stand out against the backdrop. 

The centerpiece of the room, a stately tortoise shell coffee table, sits elegantly. Upon it, a vase brimming with dried blooms and an artful arrangement of gourds evoke the spirit of autumn. Just behind the sofa, a beautifully appointed desk boasts an array of red-hued books that harmonize with the fiery tones of nearby autumnal berries. A classic blue and white ginger jar, flanked by antler bookends, adds an element of sophistication to the vignette. 

Behind this scene, a separate seating area beckons with twin chairs dressed in regal emerald green upholstery. Their twig-like metal frames add a touch of nature’s charm, while a painting of a deer complements the theme beautifully. The use of blue and white accessories lends a touch of new traditional elegance, enriching the room’s overall aesthetic. 

To amplify the rich sensory experience of the Mullberry Drive room, we’ve paired it with Pickwick’s Gatherings candle – a signature scent of Nell Hill’s. This captivating fragrance begins with notes of crisp, fresh autumn leaves that lead to a heart of woodland apples, wild berries, and the warmth of cinnamon sticks. The fragrance journey concludes with hints of Norwegian sycamore bark and the comforting embrace of mahogany wood. As you immerse yourself in the captivating design of the Mullberry Drive room, the Gatherings candle adds the final layer. The symphony of design and fragrance unfolds, inviting you to savor the beauty of the season in all its vibrancy and charm. 

As you very well know, in the wonderful world of interior design, the artistry doesn’t stop at the visual. Pairing room designs with scented candles elevates your home to new heights of sensory delight. I definitely recommend you try it! Each of the four meticulously curated spaces we’ve explored exudes its unique style while staying rooted in the timeless elegance of new traditional design. At Nell Hill’s, we take immense pleasure in offering Pickwick & Co. candles, both in our shop and on our website. Their inventive scents, impeccable burn quality, and extended burn time perfectly complement the beauty of our spaces. As you embrace the harmonious blend of design and fragrance, may your home become a haven that enchants the senses and resonates with your distinct personality and taste. Until next time – happy decorating!