After-Market Recap: A Festival of Fabrics!

As the weather continues to heat up, so does our selection of textiles! I have been in full fabric mode since June (which, if you know me, is my favorite mode!) and there is no slowing down! Going to Fabric Market was such an amazing experience.  We traveled to High Point, NC and got to see textile manufacturers from all over.  It was a packed week of showrooms, but I wanted to see it all in order to bring the very best back to Kansas City! I loved seeing all the new and exciting options that we get to bring to you in the shop.  In fact, the tea and I were so excited that we already gave a sneak peek in the shop during our recent After-Market After Hours event! I enjoyed having you in the shop to check out our new lines and fantastic new fabrics! For those that couldn’t make it, don’t worry. I am here to recap some favorites from the event and show you the up-and-coming trends you won’t want to miss!

While at market, we saw a lot of “new and upcoming trends” – many of which we already love here at Nell Hill’s! It prompted me to show that you can move around some pieces you already have into new groups to achieve these new looks.  We have always shown a lot of blue and white around the store, and now that Calming Chambray is a popular color palette, we have everything we need! By adding classic neutrals colors like tan, sand and beige in utilitarian cotton and denim fabrics we can create spots of retreat and serenity.  We have been transforming some of our bedroom areas into therapeutic spaces that truly are both calming and rejuvenating!

Another trend we spotted and love is Lux Revival. With a color palette of rich jewel tones like emerald greens and regal purples, along with gold accents, this look screams luxury.  It’s the perfect excuse you need to use your velvet year-round! As a lover of deep colors, I can’t wait to experiment with these bold hues around the store. It truly creates a look that is trans-seasonal and has multilayered appeal. A good way to find balance with this look is to pair these vibrant hues with neutral backdrops to not overwhelm your room.

Another eye-catching trend that we already speak to in the shop is Botanical Garden.  I have been a fan of green for a long time and am thrilled to see it getting the fandom it deserves! There is such a range of earthy sage, eucalyptus, muted mint and moss greens to play with! I love pairing these colors with an understated pop of coral to add depth and interest. Soft cream and warm wood accents add to the calming and lux mix of botanicals to create a fresh look perfect for any home.  I also tend to add blues and tropical patterns to the mix.  We have so much lovely blue at our fingertips that I like to mix it in with different trends and create my own style!  I like to think of trends as a jumping off point to find the aesthetic that works for you and your home.  

Speaking of trends, performance fabrics are all the rage and only getting bigger! While we have been loving performance fabrics here at the shop for quite some time, they are getting a whole new look.  In our world of furniture, the term “performance fabric” refers to any specialty textiles designed to be easy to clean and withstand heavy wear and tear.  Some indoor/outdoor fabrics are even moisture resistant and can withstand fading for years! While this may make you think of tough awning fabric or a canvas tarp, those couldn’t be further from reality! Perfect for homes with pets, kids, or wine drinkers (or all three 😉) – this fabric has evolved into a soft, long-lasting, and beautifully designed option for both indoor and outdoor furniture.   We have customers picking these textiles for everything from custom duvets and sofas to pillows and trim.  In fact, we use them quite a bit for our shop stock pieces! Next time you see a white linen sofa on the floor, take a closer look. I bet it is performance fabric! At market, I was thrilled to see new patterns and textures available.  While the floral prints were eye-catching, what really got my attention was the beautiful line of velvet (yes, VELVET!) performance fabrics.  One of our most popular stations at our after-market event was our demonstration of water rolling right off this beautiful and luxuriously soft velvet fabric. To be able to have the elegance of velvet without the constant fear of a ruined chair is something I had previously thought to be nearly impossible!  When shopping for your next upholstered piece, be sure to check out the performance options. Not only are their prices comparable to other upholstery fabrics, your beloved pieces will be more equipped to stand up to heavy use!

Performance fabric isn’t the only thing we are excited about! As a textile enthusiast, one thing I am thrilled to announce is that we have brought in the beloved and iconic Thibaut and Schumacher lines into the shop – this means fabric AND wallpaper! These mills have been producing timeless and gorgeous styles since the 1800’s. They offer classic patterns and new colors that effortlessly mix to create practically perfect prints.  Thibaut still carries patterns from the 1920’s and if you have ever seen “Gone with the Wind”, the wallpaper shown as Vivien Leigh descends the stairs in her iconic scene is still being produced by Schumacher to this day! The color, intricate designs, impeccable craftsmanship and wide selection of styles is something we are so thrilled to offer.

The sky is the limit when playing with these new trends and incorporating them into your home. Whether you add a little or a lot, these are textiles and trends that will transform your space beautifully.  Our designers love a challenge so if you get stuck, come visit us and allow us to assist in finding the perfect balance for your space. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! As always, please share with us on social media using #nellhills and keep the inspiration going! Happy Decorating!