Always the Season for Plaid


The nuns must have hated me. It was the ‘70s, and short skirts were in. But, at my Catholic high school, we were required to wear our plaid skirts long. Ever the rebel, I would roll my skirt up at the waist, giving it a shorter hemline … until the nuns caught me.


I’m crazy about plaid.

You would think that after years of having to wear a plaid skirt to school every day, I would absolutely hate plaid. Not even close. I love this timeless, traditional and absolutely gorgeous pattern so much, I keep plaid in my home décor year round. But as soon as the weather cools off, I layer up even more, putting it on my sofa and bed through pillows and throws, on my table through linens and plates, and in my displays using plaid chargers, matchbooks and even playing cards.


My friend Beth shares my love for all things plaid. So I wanted to take you all to her home, to show you how she uses this ever-popular menswear fabric in her everyday décor, then layers it up all the more for fall and winter.


A quick update on the GO Project in Haiti, after the hurricane …

Many of you may remember that Beth and her husband, Mike, are the founders of the Global Orphan Project, which provides orphan care around the world, including Haiti. We were all horrified when Hurricane Matthew crashed over Haiti earlier this month, leaving devastation in its path. Many of you have asked me about the orphaned and abandoned children the GO Project cares for in Haiti, how they are doing, what you can do to help. So, before I jump into our blog, I wanted to give you a quick update.


Beth reports that while the storm devastated the southern part of Haiti, taking lives, causing flooding, destroying houses and washing out roads, none of the GO children were harmed. In fact, because the GO team was already on the ground in Haiti, they were able to evacuate all the children to safe zones before the storm hit.


In the storm’s aftermath, the team air lifted food, water, clothing and tarps to people in rural areas rendered inaccessible after the storm. Now, they are focused on the very huge job of rebuilding. And, she says, there is a lot to do. “We want to thank people for their prayers and donations,” Beth shared. “It’s been a real blessing to see how people have stepped in and helped during this tragedy.”


If you would like to learn more about the GO Project, its work with orphaned and abandoned children around the world, and the work they are doing to help Haitians rebuild their storm-ravaged communities, click here. Thanks for allowing me to share – this organization and the amazing work they do is near and dear to my heart, especially after Dan and I traveled to Haiti to see their work firsthand and fell in love with the children.

Now, back to our blog …


Some people use tartans just in winter, but at the Fox’s house in the country, they are perfect year round. Their lofty living room feels so much cozier, thanks to this Chesterfield sofa upholstered in green mohair. Although the color is deep and rich, it’s very neutral, the perfect place for a scattering of menswear pillows, like this plaid, paisley and houndstooth check. The Knoll sofa is covered in a windowpane plaid fabric that’s one of my favorites. Don’t ever be afraid to mix several plaids together, like Beth did here, seizing the opportunity to toss in another pattern through snugly throws.


I’m always looking for a new way to add a splash of plaid to my home during the winter, especially my all-time favorite Stewart tartan, which seems like it was custom made for Christmas. We did some investigating and found a company that could take our swatch of this cheery red tartan fabric and recreate it on several different products, from chargers to trays. So I jumped at the chance and ordered several different sized trays, chargers and even matchbooks. The photo above shows how Beth used one of the trays to make her drinks table festive.


Beth’s dining table is next to a wall of windows that look out over the countryside, so it’s the ideal setting for a tablescape that adds in organic elements, like these pheasant feathers. This table runner is a nod to the timeless Burberry plaid. I’m jealous of Beth’s linen closet – she entertains so much that she has stocked up on lovely linens like these delightful monogrammed napkins, which feature antlers intertwined with her initial.  The gold bubble stemware offers a playful counterpoint to the beautiful gold rimmed china.


I have never been to Beth’s house when she has not had a plate of homemade cookies awaiting me. I don’t know how she keeps her girlish figure, because if I had cookies like these at my house, I would be tipping the scale. She used one of our custom plaid chargers as a cookie plate, another fun seasonal touch.


If you want to add just the tiniest hint of plaid to your home, I would recommend a throw blanket. Toss one at the foot of your bed, over the arm of a sofa or chair, or even outside on a deck chair. Or, on your favorite swing. When you get flying high on a good old tire swing, it can get breezy!

Next Week … We will be back at Beth’s to peek in on a fall dinner party high up in their lookout tower. Don’t miss it!