Baby + Kids Collection

This past year I have had babies on the brain! Between raising my three-year-old (or “the threenager” as we like to call him), attending baby showers for what seems like all of my gal pals, and also fighting a slight case of baby fever, I have been looking for a way to incorporate this part of my life into our Nell Hill’s offerings.  One of the many things I love about Mary Carol and her many chapters of the Nell Hill’s story is how she was able to breath her own life into the shop, and now I hope to do the same!  

When Graham was first born, I felt like I could not find the perfect pieces for his nursery.  All I wanted to do was nest and make a special space for him that was simultaneously calming and fun, rich but relaxed – it seemed an impossible task! I wanted items that were, first and foremost, safe, comfortable and made to last into his childhood years. I also wanted them to fit into our new traditional home decor style – we all know that those baby and kid items find their way all over the house (I am not convinced that Toy Story is totally fiction)!  See, a lot of “wants” to unpack there!  As I thought back on this time in my life, and how it is replaying for my close circle of friends, I found the inspiration for our new Baby + Kids offering. We have been searching all over for the best in furniture, fabric, gifts and decor for kids and babies (and grandbabies) and the time to unveil is finally here!

Children are stimulated by everything in their path, especially visual items like art and textiles. I had so much fun working with my fabric team to bring in new fabrics for our collection.  Having a children’s section means I get to bring a little more quirkiness to the shop! I tried to match that energy in our art selection as well.  Finding the line between whimsy and sophistication is what my kid’s décor dreams are made of! I like mixing pops of color with calming neutrals for a balance that can satisfy both child and parent.

I strove to bring in items that inspire nostalgic memories, so many of our items are a nod to the childhoods of years past.  I looked for traditional wooden toys and plush animals to inspire imagination and creativity, and that also look adorable tucked onto shelves and in overflowing toy baskets! These trinkets and toys are the perfect combination of function and form for the littlest members of our families.

I am so excited to unveil the rest of the collection on April 4th! We will be having a “Baby Shower” to welcome this new addition to the shop.  Until next time – happy decorating!