Brown is Back and Better than Ever

In new traditional style, there is room for both the “new” and the “traditional”. While we draw upon tried-and-true traditional elements, we always leave room for the “new” and often that means looking to trends to spice things up. One color we couldn’t be more excited about right now? Brown! 

Now, if upon reading “brown is back” your mind flashes through images of bellbottomed polyester suits, fringe-trimmed suede vests, and corduroy everything, you’re not alone.  This color’s roots reach far deeper than 70’s fashions, however! Like most colors, it has a long and fascinating history, from umber in prehistoric cave paintings to sepia ink used by the ancient Greeks and Romans to raw sienna used by Renaissance artists. 

We are seeing brown all over the industry, and in more than just the coffee and chocolate that fuels us as we work the floor and design new spaces! Whether it’s natural woods, rich leathers, moody velvets, or tints and hues found in art and accessories, it’s a color of which we just can’t get enough. Ready to celebrate this color with us? Here are a few ways you can, whether you’re all in or just want to dip a toe.  

Wood Furniture – What would a post celebrating brown be without a nod to wood furniture? Whether you prefer it bleached or stained (or anything in between), wood furniture is a perfect way to work brown into a space without going overboard. Suitable for nearly any type of space, you are sure to find a wooden wonder that works for you in both form and function.  

Leather – Cigar, Saddle, Cognac – you cannot go wrong with gorgeous brown leathers. While you can get treated leathers in a plethora of colors this day and age, there is something timeless about the classics that is hard to beat. Invest in a leather sofa or chair if you love the look and feel or use it for welt or cording if you want just a touch. Not ready to commit? Pick out some leather accessories instead that can come and go with the seasons.  

Textiles – You can find a range of browns in textiles perfect for pillows, bedding, and upholstery. Whether you want a little (a branch with a bird perched on top) or a lot (a rich brown background velvet), you’re sure to find the right one for your space. Apply it to a pillow, windows, a well-loved chair in need of a refresh – I could go on!  

Accessories – The spots where brown pops up are plentiful and many times subtle; the frame around a piece of art, painted onto a lamp, the charger of a tabletop display. Incorporate different textures for a layered look or pop a strategic piece in just the right spot to make a statement. You can play with as much or as little as you like!  

We love to explore color and we have yet to meet one we don’t like (colors are like carbohydrates in that way, I suppose 😉), and beautiful brown is certainly no exception! We’ve had fun celebrating this color in ways that even those of us who don’t appreciate 70’s garb can enjoy. If you’ve worked brown into your home, tell me how in the comments! Until next time – happy decorating!