Christmas Décor: Touch of Traditional

We’ve covered a lot of holiday looks this year, from Santa’s Workshop to Woodland Wonderland to Beautiful Blue Christmas.  I want to round out our Nell Hill’s displays with a look that is full of classic Christmas colors and nostalgia.  In a year such as this one, I find myself craving the comfort of the well-known and the traditional holiday atmosphere from my childhood.  I’m talking punchy greens, shiny reds and all the ribbon, perfectly mis-matched ornaments and bubble lights that I can find! For me, there is a calmness to be found among the chaos of a fully festive tree; it reminds me of sitting in the midst of my jolly family just taking in the scenery and being thankful that we are all together to celebrate.

One of our most-asked-about corners of the shop is our “Shuttered Window” room where we have displayed our classic Shiny Brite™ ornaments and festive bubble lights.  This look practically carols Christmas at you! The bubble lights in particular have a special meaning for me, as my dad’s dad likes to share a story from his childhood when he saved up his pennies to buy a set for his mom. He trudged through the Minnesota snow with his pocketbook to get them for her! I think of that story every time I see bubble lights and it makes me smile.

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While Shiny Brite™ ornaments have not been around since the 40s and 50s, the line and its pieces are inspired by holiday décor from that time.  These vintage-inspired ornaments look fantastic decked out on a tree from top to trunk or blended in with family ornaments and all the holiday odds and ends that have been accumulated through the years.  The look overall reminds me of homes that have both a “display” tree, which many of our other designs trends towards, and the “actual tree” full of heirlooms, homemade ornaments, and milestone trinkets that make up the history of a family. 

Few things warm my heart more than seeing a tree that is turned into a tapestry of family moments and memories. I must admit, I get a little teary-eyed pulling out all the bits and bobs from years past that decorate our tree. At the end of the day, Christmas is about more than ornaments and decorations and gifts under the (impeccably dressed) tree.  It is about spending time with those we hold near and dear and the memories that we make together.  Thank you for being part of our Nell Hill’s family and celebrating with us for yet another year!

While this is my last deep dive into Christmas décor at the shop for the year, be sure to follow along with us on Instagram and Facebook for more peeks into the shop and our holiday splendor!  Until next time – happy decorating!

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