Farmhouse Chic: Designing The Wagon Wheel

With summer off to a busy start, I have been craving a retreat, an oasis where I can relax and renew.  That is why when I had the opportunity to go tour the lovely weekend home of long-time Nell Hill’s customers, Susan and Joe, I jumped at the chance!  I adore touring beautiful homes and had heard wonderful things about the newly renovated farmhouse property, named The Wagon Wheel Farms, located in rural Miami County. After huge renovations and working alongside our Nell Hill’s designers, the couple transformed their property into the weekend home of their dreams (and mine!). 

When they first discussed the idea of buying the little farmhouse in the country, the task of a fixer upper seemed somewhat daunting.  However, when the demo revealed vaulted ceilings and wonderful open spaces, these concerns quickly melted away.  With some encouragement and advice from Susan’s close friend Meg, they were soon embarking on an adventure that led to creation of a peaceful getaway in the country.  This didn’t happen overnight! The couple stripped the house down to the studs and rebuilt it completely to get the perfect balance of rustic and elegant. By raising the ceilings, adding wooden beams and skylights, and switching out the darker tones for blonde wood and white accents, the home was completely transformed.

My first thought upon entering the home was “WOW”! Susan truly succeeded in creating a light, bright and open space that immediately makes you feel at home. The removal of the original dark wood accents and the addition of natural light drastically changed the space, making the rooms appear more spacious and the ceilings much higher!  In fact, with all the light shining through the windows, it’s almost as though you haven’t gone inside at all!

While Susan’s color scheme trends heavily towards blue hues, they are balanced nicely by the white and red accents found throughout the home.  The pops of vivid color against the soothing and peaceful shades of blue give the home a playful atmosphere.  Rustic elements like her dining room table, fitted with Nell Hill’s goodies such as our juicy looking tomato bowls and white and red checkered tins, enhance the farmhouse flair that Susan and Joe wanted to bring to the space. 

The true magic of Susan and Joe’s home comes from the personal touches.  From her impeccably decorated bookshelves that feature a perfect mix of traditional shapes, updated patterns and natural elements to her unique kitchen banquette that ties beautifully into her mudroom cabinet, not one detail was left unaccounted for. 

Susan also incorporated cherished memories from her past into her present home.  The ledge above her kitchen sink has a personal significance that I find beautiful – growing up her mother had a sink ledge that housed treasured seasonal décor, and she had always wanted one of her own to decorate!  Little additions like that to the new space truly take the energy in the home to the next level. 

I had a wonderful time learning about the journey Susan and Joe embarked on to create this wonderful getaway.  After spending just an afternoon at the lovely property, I felt re-energized and ready to take on my to-do list! Being able to experience the love and hard work that goes into creating a dream space is truly a pleasure, and I am so glad to be able to share this home with all of you! A special thank you to Susan and Joe for allowing us to tag along on this design journey with you, and for allowing us to share your space with all of our readers!