Finding the Perfect Perch

Few things are more sacred than your designated seat in the living room.  It seems every time my family gathers together we go to our unofficial (but also very official) assigned seats in our shared living spaces.  My favorite perch features an easy swivel to allow for full room surveillance and a firm cushion for ultimate support that allows me a nice bounce to launch after my four-year-old after I inevitably see him getting into mischief on one of my spins around the room.  My husband on the other hand prefers a well broken in sofa that you can sink into for a long nap or for the viewing of a long game (sometimes he achieves both at the same time, it’s quite a feat!).  Our son tends to be drawn to the ottoman of all places and has transformed it into the trampoline of his dreams (which, for the record, I do not officially recommend)!  The more I got to thinking about this, the more I realized that our chairs are much more than just furniture at this point, they resonate with our personalities through our style preferences and the functionality that comes with it.  It has me wondering, what do our different chairs say about us?  I decided to take a look at some of my favorite designs and break down the form, style, function and status of each to help you find the perfect place to rest.  (Disclaimer – all of the following chair personalities are purely in jest and have no scientific backing 😉).

My first favorite is this take on a modified spool chair.  This style offers both luxury and comfort and is somehow both relaxed and structured in its design.  It  can be softened with delicate fabrics, or it  can pull off a more masculine print without a second thought.  Upon first look, this perch is regal and firm  on the outside with its straight back and wood carved features, but as you come closer,  you realize it is truly a softie on the inside.  Despite first appearances this is a chair you can sink into with its full down cushions. A touch oversized for maximum visual appeal and comfort, this chair is for someone who knows not to judge a book by its cover, someone who can charm at a formal event one minute and relax into a movie marathon at home the next.  It truly is the best of both worlds!

When it comes to sectionals, the tufted chaise lounge is hard to beat.  This oversized piece is made to optimize family time with plenty of room to snuggle with loved ones and also plenty of room to spread out if someone is feeling a bit moody.  The lounge sectional is non-judgmental and easy-going – want to take a nap? Perfect. Kick up your legs on the chaise.  Hosting a watch party for your favorite show? Plenty of room for the whole gang to comfortably enjoy some time spent together!  This sofa is for someone who knows that it’s not the destination that makes an adventure exciting, but the time spent with those you love that are important in life. 

Last but certainly not least, the elegant and show-stopping wingback chair.  This chair walks into a room and all heads turn.  If you are looking to make a statement, this is the  piece for you!  With a flair for the dramatic, this chair can bring luxury and excitement to any room from bedroom to living room and even your dining area. The wingback is ready to make a statement, and that statement is “Like it or not, I’m here, I’m me, and I’m fabulous”, and I LOVE it.  In fact, it almost feels wrong to call this piece a chair when the term throne is so much more appropriate.  This throne is confident and living life to fullest, just try to stop it.

I truly enjoy seeing how our customers transform our different furniture styles into their own with different fabrics and finishes.  Furniture is not one size fits all, it is an extension of your own personal style and energy and seeing that come to life is so rewarding!  With our 20% Off Upholstery Sale starting on January 15th I know I will be seeing even more of these dreamy furniture visions come to life and I can’t wait!  If you are looking to find your ideal seat during our sale you can make an appointment online HERE or come into the shop and try out all our different options on the floor!  We have packed the floor with all our favorites because we know unlike Goldilocks it usually takes more than three tries to find your perfect perch!  Until next time – happy decorating!