Holiday Open House Recap

What a magical weekend!! I had such a great time seeing all those who made it to our Holiday Open House.  It was so fun watching everyone’s faces as they saw they new looks we have this year – I felt like it was actually my Christmas morning seeing all the reactions!  Having everyone in such good spirits and enjoying the cranberry mimosas and bow-making made me so happy. Now that my sappy part is out of the way (almost – seriously thank you to all who came!) it’s time for the part you have been waiting for, the holiday photos!

Our visitors had plenty of treats to enjoy from cranberry mimosas to cinnamon rolls and festive sugar cookies!
This is one of my favorite looks! It combines muted oranges and turquoise shades ( not very traditional colors!) with cut fruit ornaments that are whimsical and bright! It reminds me of a fabric my mother had in our kitchen growing up and gives me all the nostalgic feelings!
We had no shortage of reindeer’s in the shop this weekend! I love the lodge atmosphere that some reindeer accents can create in a space! This “Ski Lodge” look is one of the looks I will be diving into a bit more this holiday season! The tea towels are now available online – click here
Merry and BRIGHT! Punchy reds and greens really make an impact during the holiday season and I cannot get enough of them!
Nothing says Nell Hill’s like classic blue and white!
A little peak at our “Very Mauvy Christmas” look – more details to come on this one!

We had so many designs up I still can’t believe we got it all done! From our whimsical deer bust to our trendy “Mauvy” Christmas room and back to the holiday ski lodge it was truly a feast for the eyes! I will be digging in to a few of these looks as the weeks go on so let me know what your favorite is in the comments! If you want an even closer look at our holiday designs be sure to go to our Facebook page and check out my weekend recap videos! Until next time – happy (holiday) decorating!