Hosting Easter Coffee

This year is flying by! Who among us can believe it is already April? Part of my brain still thinks it’s February 2020! While prepping for the arrival of a new family member – we welcomed a fresh new baby boy to the family early this month – I attempted to get ahead of the curve by planning our Easter fun far in advance. I had Easter outfits coordinated in January and baskets assembled in early March (and yes, I ate more candy than stuffed into eggs). And, since I expected to be sleep deprived and a bit distracted with newborn snuggles come Easter time, we decided to move up our small family celebration and kept it casual and stress-free. 

While I usually promote “more is more”, there is a time when “less is just right”. And this was that time! We focused on yummy, simple, every-day favorites and presented them in style. We hosted our parents in our formal sitting room, which was nice and bright since I still haven’t decided on what fabric to use for window treatments since moving in quite a while ago. Our house is still a work in progress in general…what’s that saying about the cobbler’s kid having no shoes? But, I digress. No one seemed to mind the slightly empty space with the aroma of fresh coffee and croissants (and scones!) filling the room!

I placed most of my over-the-top Easter decorations in my kitchen and living room where we spend the most time leading up to the big day.  Since we were going to be celebrating in the sitting room however I knew I needed to add some subtle décor that would elevate but not overwhelm my space.  With my Winter Wheat colored walls and cream apartment sofas, there was plenty of freedom when it came to adding fresh spring pillows to the room.  While I had simple and elegant camel and red plaid for my accent textiles over the winter months, I wanted to freshen up for the season by bringing in a collection of blue and white patterns, with a touch of floral and Asian toile to round out my spring palette, I love playing with pillows and even added a special new bunny friend to one of my bamboo regency chairs for a touch of whimsy.

To add some festive flair to the other areas of the room, I focused on just a few areas to bring in the Easter joy and spring cheer.  A sweet glass bunny in the window to catch the soft spring sun, a multi-level bunny vignette on my new brass ottoman tray, and a charming mother rabbit on my mantel made up my crew of hoppy friends for the day.

When it came to the coffee and tea station, I decided to keep the tabletop simple and efficient.  I rounded up my spring tea pot and accessories to be the star of the show as I love the delicate floral design and soft pastel colors and built my setup around it.  A few tulips, a touch of linen and a rabbit serving plate later and my guests were ready for a light and caffeinated morning nosh!

Of course, I had to create a little space for the kiddo to grab an extra jellybean (or 20) while he played.  I couldn’t help but bring this glass ginger jar with rabbit ears home – I am a sucker for a fun container! I filled it with Easter grass and peeps to bring some fun color to the small vignette.  (Side note – anyone else like to wait until their peeps are a bit stale before enjoying them? My husband thinks I am crazy, but I am convinced that is the best way to enjoy them!).

All in all, it was a wonderful time spent with my loved ones, which is the most important thing!  How are you celebrating Easter this year? I can’t wait to live vicariously through you as the actual holiday approaches! Until next time – happy decorating!