Let Your Headboard Shine

Snuggle season is going to be here before we know it! When the cold rain and crisp wind of a fall morning start to join the morning rush, there is nothing more tempting then hitting the snooze button and curling back into your warm bedding cocoon of comfort.  While I love looking at beautiful bedding during all times of the year, it is especially rewarding during these upcoming colder months!  Our second floor is such a delight to behold with all the textiles and colors that grace our beds.  However, it is more than the duvets that catch my eye! I have also noticed a big trend towards wood bed frames and uniquely upholstered headboards. I have brought in some unique (and dare I say, bold) styles that are sure to steal the show from the pillows, duvets and coverlets we love so much! 

Preppy Pink and Green.  Now this is a wooden bed frame with some flair! I love a pop of color, especially in an unexpected place.  Combining the classic shape of a wood frame with a bright hue brings maximum interest to your space with minimal details.  Keeping the bedding simple with soft whites allows for the frame to shine and be the true star of this bedding display.  While bright colors such as lime green can sometimes be considered juvenile, the elegance of the simple bamboo-inspired headboard allows it to transition into a beautiful bed for all ages. 

A Touch of Wild.  Another one of my favorite frames is this sophisticated and dramatic dark stained spindle bedframe.  The intricate details of the spindles and the towering height of the headboard makes it just as much of a statement as the bright bamboo piece above.  For this moody, almost black, wood frame we have kept the bedding light and full of texture.  This creates a nice balance for the bed and keeps it from getting too dark and heavy.  This is also a great frame to pop with pillows! The drama of the frame can stand up to busy patterns and textiles without being overpowered.

Elegant Leather. If wood frames aren’t your dream, upholstered frames come in all shapes, sizes and patterns!  While we offer frames in many of our fan favorite fabrics, I can’t get over the simple beauty of this rich tufted leather look.  Leather adds a warmth to furniture that is hard to otherwise find, which is especially perfect for a cozy bed!  Not only is it elegant and beautiful, but it elevates whatever bedding you add to it as well!  The earthy tones in the leather pull out the crimson hues in the plaid pillows and duvet making for a bed perfect for a lodge- or cabin-inspired space. 

There are so many ways to customize furniture – the imagination can truly run wild!  We are in the last week of our wood furniture sale so if a wood frame is calling your name, reach out for 20% off here at Nell Hill’s! Until next time – happy decorating!