Nell Hill’s Color of the Year: Seeing Green

Every year Pantone picks a wonderful color of the year for us all to enjoy.  However, while I love periwinkle, this year is going to be all about green (for me, at least)!  If you follow along with the goings on in the shop, you know that I have been a big fan of green for years (and really, my whole life), but I am turning up the volume on my obsession. Greens are having a big year in 2022 from avocado to emerald and sage – I love them all.

Green is a wonderful year-round color that symbolizes rebirth, growth and life in general. While some people try to turn it into a negative hue of jealousy, I have always found it to be a relaxing color both in nature and in home décor. Using green in your home is a fantastic way to add an earthy and established essence to your spaces.

One of the best qualities of the color green is its versatility.  There are so many shades of green that work wonderfully in a home.  For spaces with an earthy color palette of neutrals and browns I tend to gravitate towards greens with the same undertones like sage and forest.  If your home features bolder colors of navy or deep reds, a great pairing is the jewel toned greens like emerald and jade. Then of course, the bright and springy greens can be introduced to just about any color pairing for a burst of freshness!

Incorporating green into your home is easy, whether you want to go all in or ease into it. Don’t be afraid to go bold!  While it might seem a little far out to go all in and paint your room a shade of green, the payoff is worth it.  Our Flint Hill’s color is a great option for those who love earthy palettes.  With its brown undertones, it is a deep and rich color full of warmth and natural elegance it acts almost as a neutral wall color that can be paired with many different textures and colors.  For those looking for a bit more zest, our classic Hedge Apple paint color has been a favorite since our time in Atchison.  While this color may seem out of some people’s comfort zone, it is not as scary as it may seem!  We had our entry to the shop painted this shade for many years with look after look coming through and blending seamlessly into a colorful oasis.

If wall color isn’t the direction in which you want to go, start with the little things.  One surefire way to introduce a new shade is through your throw pillows or art.  Many of our fabrics contain shades of green that can slowly turn the volume up in your home.  While a set of throw pillows or a new botanical print introduces the color to your room, it is important to establish your palette with the addition of a few strategic items.  Lamps are a fantastic way to cement a new hue in your home and create a cohesive look throughout your space.

Are you feeling green this year? I would love to know how you bring this wonderful color into your spaces, so please let me know in the comments! Until next time – happy decorating!