Nell Hill’s Paint Line: Flint Hills

For the last six months or so, my team and I have been hard at work on a secret project. I am excited to finally announce the arrival of our new Nell Hill’s paint line!  Painting is one of the simplest (and most effective) ways to transform a room.  Paint sets the overall mood of the room, and the stage for the layering of furnishings and accessories.  When creating our Nell Hill’s paint line, I wanted to create colors that I would want in my favorite rooms: rooms that are both lovely and lived in, comfortable and friendly, on trend and yet timeless.  Our new palette of seventeen colors has endless combinations that are perfect for enhancing a home’s unique style.   As I work through sharing our complete list of colors with you, you will notice some fan favorites that we just couldn’t part with (hello Winter Wheat!) along with new colors I hope you will love just as much!  You will be seeing much more of these new paint colors as we repaint the shop (following the craziness of the holiday season), however, I want to introduce them a bit more fully in the meantime!  The first color I would like to highlight is a versatile and enduring hue – Flint Hills. 

Nell Hill’s paint $45 a gallon

When I was putting together fabric palettes inspired by this new color, it was hard to know where to stop!  It was fun and easy to pull looks that showcase the flexibility of this dark and earthy color.  I wanted to share with you some inspirational palettes that have completely different personalities, so I recruited a couple of my lovely designers to assist!  Our very own Dianne Lowenberg has a great eye for traditional textiles and Dallas Jenkins is passionate about mixing patterns and texture. Working with these talented ladies made this so much fun!

Rug (Andes Harrington in Latte and Ice Flow 5’ x 8’ – $258.75), Orange and Brown Print (Cheetah Safari – $47.25 per yard), Leather (Texas Chocolate – $15.40 per sq. ft.), Schumacher Print (Fox Hollow – $230.80 per yard), Red Velvet (Marco Ruby – $160.30 per yard), Yellow Velvet ( Farris Marigold – $88.20 per yard).

I knew Dianne would be able to pull out the earthy and elegant hues of Flint Hills with her traditional approach and I couldn’t wait to see what she would do for a living room design!  She started with a beautiful woven cotton and jute rug in latte and icy blue to keep her hypothetical room bright.  For a sofa, she chose leather in a deep, warm chocolate to enhance the brown undertones in the paint.  She complemented her dark sofa with pillows in the whimsical hummingbird Fox Hallow Schumacher print.  The luxurious velvets in marigold and ruby would create the perfect accent chairs to bring out the saturated colors in the Schumacher fabric.  As a finishing touch, an ottoman or bench in the fan-favorite Cheetah Safari pattern brings a touch of playfulness to the grouping.  All these powerful colors are strong enough to not only stand up to the fresh beauty of Flint Hills but enhance the grassy hues that make it such a unique color. Combined, they create a rich and sophisticated look.

Taupe Print (Cape Town – $137 per yard), Wood Finish (Sable – no charge), Beige Textile (Scuba Porcelain – $94.50 per yard), Stripes (Nobus Pine – $63 per yard), Green Leather (Winchester Forest- $18.20 per sq. ft.), Green and Gray Squares ( Ice Cube Mojito – $88.20 per yard), Blue Velvet (Tasha Juniper – $75.60 per yard), Woven blue and green (Kayli Mint – $94.50 per yard).

Dallas wanted to switch gears and create a cool and calming collection of greens, blues and grey-toned neutrals.  The first fabric she pulled was the bold and graphic Ice Cube Mojito print (anyone else getting thirsty?!) and it truly set the direction for this grouping!  I love how the fabric matches the exact vibrancy of Flint Hills while the cool grey turns the temperature down on our warm paint hue.  Since we wanted to keep this palette on the simpler side, Dallas layered in some great textural fabrics.  Enter our striped Nobus Pine textile with deep ridges of color that pop off the fabric and the eye-catching Cape Town Taupe pattern that I want to put on every pillow in my home!  Dallas rounded out the look with a deep green leather to ground our light and airy fabrics and some subtle icy blues to brighten our greens. Et voila – this look is ready for a family room!

Top left print (Anna French Cairo – $105 per yard), Coral Velvet (Sanibel Ember – $71.40 per yard), Green Plaid (Logan Plaid – $116.20 per yard), Neutral Woven (Watson Sand – $37.80 per yard), Coral Floral Velvet (Claudia Henna – $67.50 per yard), Lower right print (Anna French Cleo – $113 per yard).

The more time I spent working with Flint Hills, the more I realized that it is complemented by just about any color! Plums, reds, blues and yellows – come one, come all!  I wanted to bring in an exciting color for our final look, so I decided to put my spin on a pretty and preppy favorite – pink and green. How wonderful would this be in a bedroom? A double-sided duvet of the Juniper Plaid (of course!) and the Anna French Cleo pattern is sure to lead to the sweetest of dreams!  The Anna French Cairo would make beautiful accent pillows for the plaid and you can’t go wrong with lush coral cut velvets for pops of color and texture!  I love the mixture of deep green and bright coral – it creates such a fun and energy-filled space while still remaining classic and gorgeous. 

I can’t wait to share more of our new paint line with you over the next couple months.  The colors have been so much fun to create and play with!  Stay tuned for our next feature, Mulberry Drive, which is a rich and moody teal that will have you seeing hearts!  To learn more about our paint line and fabrics or to order call our customer service line at 816-979-3728 or email us at If you would like to make an appointment with one of our designers visit our online scheduling tool HERE. Until next time – Happy Decorating!