Nell Hill’s Paint Line: State Line

Just like in fashion, decor trends are always changing and evolving.  After years filled with gray and white, homeowners are embracing their dark sides and searching for moody and deep colors to enhance their homes.  Ladies and gents, black is now the new neutral and I am so excited about it!  Incorporating black walls in your home is the perfect way to embody sophistication. Noire walls are the perfect blend of chic, modern, and dramatic.  Despite the drama that this bold wall color brings, it actually creates a soothing and less chaotic space and is especially beautiful in rooms with trim and molding.  Dark walls make window coverings and art pop in a thrilling new way.  This trend works with all styles from modern to farmhouse to traditional. You might think that dark colors shrink a room, but not the case with black!  With dark corners that can’t be defined and walls that recede, the room seems to go on endlessly! 

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As you can tell, I am very pro edgy additions to our spaces!  I knew I had to create a black paint color for our line that could introduce this stunning décor moment in history to our customers.  Our State Line might seem intimidating, but when paired with the perfect light, it has the power to make a space pop.  Black, as we all know, is really just a darker version of a color – ours finds its base tone in cool blue.  This means it pairs well with all of our favorite accent colors from bright yellow to rich navy. Our paint’s soft and muted matte finish is forgiving to imperfect walls and perfect for any room such as bedrooms, dining rooms, or even spa-inspired bathrooms. 

This above look by our designer Glenna shows just how much texture a room with black walls can handle!  She paired our State Line black with a metallic geometric wallpaper that is a true showstopper along with a stunning floral and playful animal print – because black rooms can handle them all!  Bringing out the blue undertones with lovely shades of navy and azure Glenna brings pops of gold and fuchsia into the mix for a youthful and vibrant collection.

Black walls can handle an abundance of textures, as Taylor’s latest design shows us.   She brought in a beautiful mixture of tweed, velvet, embroidery and tassels to create a dynamic display of pattern and pizazz. I love her idea of using chinoiserie wallpaper as a bright statement wall in a living room or dining room, plus the green velvet adds a luxurious color pop I can’t get enough of!

Rounding out our State Line looks with a touch of pink and a lot of personality is our designer Rebecca, who chose to incorporate some lighter tones into her dramatic and glamourous design. I adore the balance of the dark paint color with the lush and soft addition of a cream floor covering. 

While black might not be for everyone when it comes to painting their spaces, it is a bold and dramatic look that stands out in the crowd – plus you never know what you will love until you try it!  In the end, whatever colors you choose to bring into your home have the ability to be exciting and beautiful! Until next time – happy decorating!

*as always if you like a fabric or paint color please contact us to receive a sample to ensure that colors match! Different lighting and computer screen settings can cause colors to vary!