Practice Self-Care in Style

Pillows by Dana Gibson

Is it just me, or has everyone been battling a cold that feels like it has stretched on this entire winter? With Spring (and hopefully spring weather) just around the corner, I knew I needed to do something to get myself through the home stretch of this snowy season!  Self-care is something that we often overlook as life gets busy, but it’s important. In order to be at our best for our loved ones and ourselves, we need to treat ourselves once in a while, especially when we feel under the weather.  Today I want to highlight some of my must-have pick-me-up items, many of which are from Nell Hill’s (of course), that are helping me get through a lingering cold and these last official weeks of winter.

Nell Hill’s Willow Tea Cup

Few things make me feel better than curling up with a book and a cup of my favorite tea, except doing just that under a cozy blanket surrounded by delicious candles.  When it comes to candles, I am obsessed with Kansas City’s own Pickwick Candles. 

Instead of my usual go-to scent (Screened Porch) I have found myself gravitating towards the warm and sharp Black Pepper scent.  A mix of black pepper, lemon, coriander and jasmine leaf on top of oakmoss, amber and patchouli leave a lingering scent in the air that is the perfect blend of masculine spice and gentle floral tones.  The perfect mix as we leave a tough winter for a (hopefully) light and fresh spring.

Once I am enveloped in the scent of my candle, it’s time for the perfect blanket.  That means not only is it as cozy as possible, but it also looks good artfully draped over the sofa or bed. 

Santorini Throw in Pink
Santorini Throw in Pink and Green

I use the lovely Santorini Throw the most frequently. Not only is the style and color amazing, it is versatile and can easily go from cold to mild weather. 

In a bid to remind myself that spring is around the corner, I love to create a silk floral bouquet to sit by my side.  The perfect addition to any desk or tray, it really brings up my spirits! I love to use everlasting flowers that stay bright and colorful despite the changing weather.

When I need an extra boost, Rootdown loose leaf tea from Headrush is my pick-me-up of choice.  Located just across from Nell Hill’s, I have become a frequent customer!  As a long time tea fan, I can assure you, they know what they are doing.  While I usually indulge in the gorgeous Organic Earl Grey Marie-Antionette blend (not just because the rose petals make for a beautiful cup, but that doesn’t hurt!) as of late I have been enjoying the Organic Immunity blend. Nancy Schneider, the creator of the Rootdown brand, helped pick out this tea after a chat about getting over my lingering cold. It’s smooth, sweet, just a little tart and has a kick of peppermint that has been incredibly soothing this winter.  It is the perfect excuse to bring out my favorite Willow Tea Cup.

Nancy and I met for tea and chatted all about the best blends to relax and strengthen my immune system.

These are only a few of the items I have been using to spoil myself this season. Keeping them within arms-reach on an inspired tray has been a lovely and comfortable addition to my space. Whether it’s a lovely bouquet of silk flowers, a great book or a favorite scent – be sure to set aside time to indulge in what brings you joy!

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