Saved by the Incredible Wreath

I will never forget the year it felt like Christmas passed over the Garrity home. We had just opened Nell Hill’s Briarcliff, and I was working a million hours a week. I didn’t have a spare second to decorate our home for the season. Since I am surrounded by so much Christmas décor at Nell Hill’s every day, I didn’t think I would mind not having my home decorated. Turns out, I did. A lot. On Christmas morning, our house felt depressing, with no tree, nothing on the mantel, no holiday table set for guests.

So, Scarlett O’Hara style, I lifted my fist to heaven and vowed, “As God as my witness, I will never fail to decorate for Christmas again!” (I might add, that it was Dan’s all-time favorite Christmas. No décor to put up or take down. Easy-peasy.)

This holiday season, if you are low on time or desire to decorate your home, I have a great solution for you: Wreaths, the ultimate last-minute miracle workers. Hanging a few wreaths in strategic spots in your home takes only minutes, yet pays huge dividends, instantly sliding you to the top of the happy scale.

Every year, I call on wreaths to work their superpowers in my home, making holiday magic with minimal work on my part. In fact, I use seasonally themed wreaths on my front door all year long.

You can’t beat a wreath for simplicity, drama and beauty.  No matter what your style, from minimalist to glamorous, you will find wreaths that bring your look to life. And, you can add them everywhere in your home. Hang one from a bookcase or armoire. Suspend one in front of a mirror or artwork. Decorate each window with a wreath tied up with a holiday ribbon. Instead of attempting to tie the perfect bow, take two ribbons and make a loop, then zip tie it in place.

My big sister is coming to spend the holidays with us this year, staying in the cottage next door. I want to make the cottage warm and welcoming for Judy (I’ll be blogging on that next week, so stay tuned). Hello, wreaths! To add some cheer to the bar, I dressed it up with a magnolia wreath. Time invested? About 5 minutes.

In my historic home in Atchison, with its tall ceilings, big windows and open rooms, I used wreaths to make the spaces feel cozier. For my Holiday Open House one year, we hung wreaths over the window seat in my living room. I love how it turned out!

My cottage calls for more modest holiday displays, just a touch here and there instead of the over-the-top displays I did in my Atchison home. This sensational gold wreath was just the thing for my powder room, with its Twilight walls and paisley curtains. We tacked a tiny nail above the window then hung the wreath with a luxurious gold ribbon, bedazzled with mirrored sequins.

I also like to use wreaths outdoors around my cottage. This sweet, simple wreath is decorating a rustic shed door, where our lake gear sleeps during the winter months. Depending upon your time or interest, you can hang your wreaths as-is or dress them up a bit with floral picks, ornaments and holiday ribbon.


Next Week … Make your guest room welcoming for holiday visitors.