Spring Bedding Roundup Pt. 1

Spending a little more time than I’m used to at home, I have found myself cleaning and refreshing every corner of my space that I can reach (and for those I can’t, I’ve been taking on the role of supervisor – thanks Brandon!).  This past week my mission has been our bedroom.  Even though it’s a simple task, making our bed each morning brings me a sense of normalcy in this uncertain time, which in turn gives me a great deal of comfort. Since we’re working towards a new look for our bedroom, in a new house (more on this later!), I’m taking Spring Cleaning to a new level while I formulate a plan to relocate nearly everything in the room for a completely fresh start. This means new furniture (YAY!), new bedding, and new accessories. Because my loving husband can take only so much talk of duvets and pillow fills and color palettes, I’m sharing my inspiration from the shop here with you, dear reader!

Easy Being Green.  It wouldn’t be a true Katie spring roundup if I didn’t start with a green dream of a bed! And, it wouldn’t be Spring on the shop floor without a crisp and classic green and white look. It is so fresh and light that it might as well be floating! The bright white with leafy green accents is a timeless and beautiful combination.  This duvet is incredibly versatile when it comes to pillow matching.  While we kept it minimal with mostly white fabrics, it is also the perfect foundation on which to build some fun with any of your green hues!

Luxe Embroidery. This new look might be one of my all-time favorites! If you saw my Facebook video the other week, I spent a lot of time chatting about this neutral yet lavish beauty. The duvet’s main fabric has figures embroidered onto a textural background for a luxurious, stunning spread.  Since this duvet is so impactful and detailed, we paired it with classic houndstooth and solid-fabric pillows to balance out the look.

Pop of Pink.  Who doesn’t love some punchy color this time of year? When I first saw this I immediately thought of how much my college self would have gone crazy over having this in my sorority house room!  This fabric is perfect for those who love color (which I do).  Our Silvy Fuchsia fabric has been very popular this year and because of its large scale, it is perfect for impactful pillows.  We aren’t showing it here, but this fabric makes a stunning duvet, too! Of course, if you want to switch it up this is the perfect bed for many different types of impact pillows, including this fun blue fringe seen below!

I may have to revisit our room makeover conversation after seeing all these designs again! If you see something you love please let us know – of course, all of these designs are available in custom sizes, made to order! Just email us at info@nellhills.com, reach out to your designer, or connect with our Design Manager, Carlie, at carlieg@nellhills.com for more information. Stay tuned – in part two I will be showcasing soft pink creations, fan favorite neutrals and a WILD Thibaut design! In the meantime, everyone stay safe and healthy! Until next time – happy decorating!