Stunning Summer Bedding 2022

Summer might just be getting started, but the styles of summer 2022 have been hard at work! One of the best parts of working at the shop is seeing what new fabrics, patterns and designs make their way to the showroom floor each season.  This summer has been all about color! From bold and untamed to classic pastels, hues of all kinds are having a heyday!

Red, White and Beautiful. If you are looking to bring a bit of RWB into your bedroom (I know I always am), a patterned duvet is the perfect choice. I have been drawn to this Yama print that our designer Dianne used in her June featured bedding.  This Asian toile is both trendy and classic in its pomegranate colorway with bold red and dreamy navy blue creating a wonderful contrast. A lively print leaves a lot of room for fun with pillows.  You can keep them simple or build with more patterns and textures, or even add in a seasonal decorative pillow.

The Wild Side. Did someone say pattern? Our designer Kim designed this vibrant featured bedding for the month July and to say I’m obsessed is the only thing understated about it!

Inspired by Kim’s appreciation for fashion designer Betsey Johnson, she has used one of our newest floral fabrics to create an energetic and fun display that will pop in any bedroom. It perfectly shows off her cute, fun personality! This bed is all about excess, from the finest trim details to the largest prints, this bed is anything but boring.

Pretty Pastels. A mix of ready-made pieces and custom enhancements makes this pastel bedding another beloved favorite of the moment. 

The subtle beauty of this design comes down to the wonderful family of fabrics that have been used.  Pairing this soft floral duvet requires a delicate hand as it can be easily overwhelmed.  To add texture without being too strong we mixed some lovely lace accents into the pillow collection.  Focusing on only bringing out one of the featured colors, the light blue, was another calculated move to ensure the balance of the bed stayed constant.  This allows the roses to pop on the floral pattern without having to compete with other bold textiles.

Pastels and florals can be done in a multitude of ways. We also have a twin bed that puts a slightly more youthful spin on this same combination.  In this variation featuring a white ready-made duvet, the floral print is smaller but brighter which allows for us to bring in more colors to round out the design. It is always amazing to me how a few pillows and an upholstered headboard can make a simple duvet a huge statement!

There is no shortage of wonderful mixes when it comes to bedding and I wish I could show them all! I spend a lot of time daydreaming about my next bedroom makeover, so thank goodness for double sided duvets that allow me mix up my space without the full redo. Until next time – happy decorating!