Symphony Showcase Design Reveal 

Take a step inside the 2024 KCSA Designer Showhouse, where the Nell Hill’s team pulled together a bold design for the primary bedroom and accompanying dressing room of the home. This marks our third year participating in the KCSA Designer Showhouse, an event that we hold dear to our hearts for its charitable contributions to the Kansas City Symphony. And if you’ve been following along, a few weeks ago we gave a sneak peek of what we’ve been up to! As we love to do, we infused every corner with our signature style and passion for design into the space.  

Now open for viewing, the Showhouse invites you to experience the magic firsthand. Featuring room after room of unique designs, it’s one you won’t want to miss. Be sure to stop by the shop to purchase your tickets and get ready to embark on a journey of inspiration. But first, let’s walk through the Nell Hill’s primary room bedroom design together!  

Building the Bedding Design 

In the primary bedroom of the 2024 KCSA Designer Showhouse, the bed reigns as the ultimate centerpiece, commanding attention of all who enter with its sophisticated allure. While the original-to-the-home fireplace exudes its own timeless charm, the bed steals the spotlight. Designed to perfection, the bedding exudes an air of understated elegance, featuring a taupe duvet adorned with a tasteful Greek key tape trim detail. We opted for a minimalist approach to the bedding (well, our version of “minimalist”, anyway ;)), allowing the vibrant colors and textures of the accompanying pillows and artwork in the room to take center stage. 

The pillows, a symphony of color and texture in their own right, lend an eclectic and inviting vibe to the space. At the back, textured green tweed pillows add depth and warmth, while luxurious pom pom detailing on rich green animal print pillows exudes opulence from the center row. Commanding attention at the forefront is a stunning red Asian toile pillow, infusing the room with a sense of exotic allure. To add visual interest and coziness, a patterned throw casually drapes over the edge of the bed, mirroring the texture and color of the tweed pillows. 

A pair of pillows resting on a black provincial-style wooden bench at the foot of the bed completes the ensemble. The larger pillow, matching the neutral hue of the duvet, provides a perfect canvas for bolder accents. A striking cheetah print pillow, adorned with a vibrant red and green racing stripe down the center, adds a touch of whimsy and ties in seamlessly with the trunks nestled in the fireplace. Together, these elements create a luxurious and inviting oasis, inviting relaxation and rejuvenation in equal measure. 

Styling the Room 

The bed is flanked by two bold side tables, each featuring a shelf for styling and a drawer for storage, in a glossy tortoise shell finish. On top of the tables, we placed large gold lamps with clean white drum shades and additional accessories from the shop, like a water decanter for a late night sip and trinket tray for all the bits and bobs that tend to collect on a nightstand. Books styled in the shelf below add texture, while the stacked framed Audubon art pack a punch and draw the bold statement made by the bedding up to the wall.  

The custom Roman shades in the KCSA Designer Showhouse are a true testament to the art of bespoke design, adding a touch of sophistication and personality to the space. We wanted to carry the green from the original tile fireplace throughout the room and the window treatment was one way to accomplish this. Crafted from a luxurious mod green velvet fabric with a green linen band at the bottom, they exude opulence and style while infusing the room with a vibrant energy. Seamlessly tying into the bedding, these Roman shades serve as a cohesive element in the room’s design, effortlessly blending in with the overall aesthetic. 

Not to be forgotten, the fireplace was also dressed to the nines. We styled it with additional art with the ginger jars and made the room sparkle a bit with accessories like the layered narrow vases on the center of the mantle and the whimsical doe sporting a scarf that anchors the vignette.  

Curating the gallery wall  

Our gallery wall speaks volumes about our design philosophy. For the primary bedroom design of the 2024 KCSA Designer Showhouse, we meticulously curated an eclectic mix of textures, colors, and styles for visual interest and depth. Despite the diverse array of styles and finishes, they harmonize seamlessly due to their shared connection to the organic world. To maintain fluidity and continuity within the arrangement, we strategically incorporated varied frame sizes and colors, ensuring that each piece complements the next while keeping the viewer’s eye engaged. 

I find new things I love about the gallery wall each time I look at it! The spacing between the frames is important too! Here we were working with a relatively tight space, so the spacing between the artwork was minimal. I’ve found that by keeping the spacing relatively cohesive throughout the entire grouping, it adds a little polish to the finished product. I think this is a really lovely and impactful way to embrace a smaller wall, instead of simply placing one piece of artwork on the wall and calling it a day, it becomes a focal point of the room. Each glance at the gallery wall reveals new layers of beauty and charm, making it a true testament to the power of thoughtful design. 

Styling the Writing Desk 

I have a thing for writing desks and am always looking for an excuse to add one to a room! While we have this particular desk in both white and black, the black was the obvious choice for this bold space. It was the perfect size for the wall, and styled with a large round gold-framed mirror over top, it balances out the room by adding visual weight opposite the bed, and provides another functional zone, whether it’s actually used for writing, applying makeup, or just a spot to shed items at the end of the day.  

A delicate white lamp, whose base glows through a lacy white ceramic, provides the perfect amount of ambient lighting for an early morning (or late night) work session while a faux orchid in a chinoiserie container and a golden hand holding a glass orb by its fingertips add both sophistication and whimsy to the vignette. These items can easily be styled into other areas of the room should the user wish for more space. A woven leather basket tucked under the desk is home to extra throw blankets, a practical and pretty addition. A striking antique chair, reupholstered in a classic green houndstooth Thibaut fabric, finishes off the look, on loan from Design Manager Carlie’s own home! 

Designing the Dressing Room 

The dressing room at the KCSA Designer Showhouse was a delightful space to adorn, offering an opportunity to blend functionality with aesthetic appeal seamlessly. To maintain a sense of continuity with the adjoining primary bedroom, we opted for the same soothing wall color, establishing a harmonious flow throughout.  

At the heart of the room lies a small but magnificent one of a kind Turkish rug, infusing warmth and character into the space while grounding the design. It features accents of both the wall color in these two rooms and the blue in the next. A chic bench, adorned with an eclectic array of pillows that echo the room’s vibe, provides essential seating with a stylish flair. Adding a touch of masculinity to the room’s design, art pieces and primitive stools adorn each side of the room, striking a perfect balance in the composition. A valet serves as both a decorative accent and a practical storage solution, embodying form and function effortlessly. Completing the ensemble are a captivating mirror and an assortment of chinoiserie ceramics and organic baskets, offering a blend of elegance and utility to elevate the dressing room’s charm to new heights. 

As the curtains close on our journey through the 2024 KCSA Designer Showhouse, we’re filled with gratitude and pride for the wonderful experience it has been. Our primary room design was a labor of love, showcasing our passion for timeless elegance and inspired living. From concept to execution, our team poured their hearts into every detail, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the result. As we bid farewell to this chapter, we eagerly anticipate the next opportunity to showcase our creativity and craftswomanship. Thank you for joining us on this journey and until next time – happy decorating!