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Stop Hiding Your Hallway: Tips for Decorating Awkward Spaces

Today’s blog post tackles something that plagues every house and every home décor lover – awkward space. We’ve all had those moments – standing, looking perplexed, in front of an area in the home thinking “what on earth am I going to put here?” No longer! Read along as we explore some solutions to common awkward area problems.

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Dorm Décor: Make a Small Space Special

A few weekends ago, I spoke with a lovey mother-daughter duo who were in shopping for some new bedding. The daughter was headed to Kentucky for her freshman year and they were searching for the perfect shade of blue to show off her new school pride. It got me thinking about how bedding can transform a cold, impersonal room and how fun it could be to showcase collegiate looks and dorm room design tips!

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The Art of the #Shelfie

On social media lately I have been seeing the #shelfie hashtag popping up all over. A “shelfie” is a play on the ever-popular “selfie” but focuses on a beautifully decorated shelf. This is perfect for us here at Nell Hill’s! Not only do we love an impeccable vignette, we also adore perfectly styled shelves! In today’s post I’ve decided to pull back the curtain (or cabinet door if you will) and share some of our go-to tactics for creating the perfect #shelfie moment!

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Celebrating the Kitchen: The Heart of the Home

Even though we don’t intend to host by the oven, as house layouts trend increasingly towards open concepts, the kitchen is no longer a hidden room for immediate family. Instead, it has become a shared space for all who visit! I have found bringing decor and design into the kitchen a challenging but fun experience. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when decorating your kitchen.

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A House Isn’t A Home Without Art On The Walls

Just like adding jewelry to the perfect outfit, nothing pulls a room together like impeccably decorated walls. I’ve found at the shop that people are either very excited to buy art, or very intimidated. While art speaks differently to everyone, I can offer a few tactics as to how to incorporate pieces into your decor seamlessly and effectively.

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Light Up Your Life: Finding the perfect lamp is easy!

Lighting has such a large impact on a space, it might be surprising to find out it can easily be overlooked when designing a room. We’re always searching for it, it has the ability to impact our mood, and of course, enhance the design of a room. From task lighting to creating general ambiance, lamps are inherently functional, but we’re here to say that you don’t have to sacrifice form for function – yes you can have your cake and eat it too!

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