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Bedding Roundup: More Plaid Please!

As cold weather approaches (and then leaves again and comes back…thanks Midwest!) it is really getting me excited about the upcoming season, and I don’t mean the holiday season! Sure, this time of year, it is most common to be fantasizing of dancing gumdrops, snow-covered trees and the cheery old man in red coming to leave presents, but I’m dreaming of – you guessed it – PLAID. Yes, it is finally what I like to refer to as “plaid season”!

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Nell Hill’s Bedding Secrets: Tailoring and Textiles

I love coming home to an enticing and tidy looking bed – it not only energizes me in the morning to accomplish the small task of making it, but a well-made bed is a thing of beauty! I’d like to revamp our bedroom this year, and lucky for me, there are countless gorgeous beds to inspire me at Nell Hill’s! This goal has me thinking about all the questions I receive about how to achieve a “Nell Hill’s Bed”. Many a bed-owner has asked how we get them to look so full and luxurious, so I’ve collected a few secrets from our bedding experts (thank you Paula and Kathy!) who create our second-floor masterpieces.

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