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Transitioning Your Home After the Holidays

January can be a confusing time of year for décor. We are past the major winter holidays and have taken down our show-stopping trees and merry mantels, leaving some bare spaces in our homes that need to be filled. This time of transition is when I choose to look forward into the glory of spring!

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Have a Very Mauvy Christmas

It is truly a time to have fun with design and décor – there are no rules when it comes to decorating your home for the holidays. While I adore Santa-spotting and have a nostalgic soft spot for classic red and green, we have a new look in the shop this year that I find truly stunning. So, hold on to your Christmas stockings, because I am about to venture away from tradition and trade out candy cane red for something a bit moodier but just as merry!

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Merry Mantels

Now that the weather is starting to turn crisp (and is soon to be cold), I can begin daydreaming about warming my hands on a cup of tea and my feet by the fireplace. After a busy day of work for my husband and me (and a busy day of preschool for my 3-year-old) it is nice to have a cozy spot to regroup and spend a few moments together. With so much cozy family time spent around the hearth, especially during the colder months, I think it’s lovely to have your mantel be a focal point in the home all season long.

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Beginning to Fall into Autumn: 3 Ways to Ease-In to a New Season

Autumn may not technically start until September 23rd but as a cool-weather loving gal, I’m ready for fall on August 1. If you, like me, can’t wait another moment to whip out the warm colors and super-soft textures of fall, here are some quick, easy ideas to start ushering in the season without going overboard while it’s still hot outside!

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