The New Tradition of Grandmillennial Style

Trends are a funny thing and it feels like the older I get, the quicker I see trends come and go.  As soon as you get your house looking perfect, it turns out that griege is the new grey or modern is the new traditional and you feel pressured to start all over!  Luckily, being generically “trendy” is not something for which I strive (it’s just too much pressure).  I believe that what you love is always “in style” and if you curate your aesthetic around colors, patterns, and objects that draw you in, your home will be timeless and feel just right no matter how the times change.  That is why my love of New Traditional design, sometimes considered the “anti-trend” style, has been so fulfilling. Mixing vintage with modern, the bold with the beautiful, and the maximalism with even more maximalism creates a beautiful space full of personality.  So, image my surprise when over the last few months, I have seen a boom on social media for the New Traditional aesthetic, all thanks to a “new” design movement called Grandmillennial Style. It truly re-energizes me that a style I love has gotten a revival and I hope that Grandmillenial Style outlives it’s “trend cycle” for today’s younger generation just as New Traditional has endured for me!

Now who and what is Grandmillennial? To give some insight as to who might be considered a “Grandmillennial”, HouseBeautiful wrote, “Ranging in age from mid-20s to late-30s, grandmillennials have an affinity for design trends considered by mainstream culture to be ‘stuffy’ or ‘outdated’”.  As far as Grandmillenial Style, it is a mix of old and new, an updated take on old-school traditional design with a fresh spin, a look that is both nostalgic and comfortable but never tacky (sound familiar yet?).  Grandmillennial Style is all about celebrating pattern, texture and color from floor to ceiling (how about now?). It calls to the maximalist in all of us to pack our homes full of chintz, toile, plaid, wicker, fringe, chinoiserie, drapery, furniture skirts, wallpaper, ruffles, and embroidered linens.  As you’ve figured out by now, Grandmillennial Style is a fun and fresh term for New Traditional, so of course I love it!  Grandma-Chic is not only an aesthetic now, but a full-on design movement and we are, as the young people say, “here for it”! We’re thrilled to find a group of young people who appreciate the looks and pieces we’ve always appreciated! 

As is true with New Traditional decorating, it is important to layer and edit this style in your home.  Done correctly, this grand style makes a statement that is anything but bland and basic. As with all maximalist looks, it needs to be tempered with select spots of minimalism to avoid a completely cluttered space.   For instance, when using varied patterns and textures, keep your color palette consistent to keep your room cozy instead of chaotic. 

One of my friends and long-time Nell Hill’s customer (and a millennial), Presley Busenbarrick shared a few photos of his new bedroom that take that principle to heart.  He did a wonderful job of incorporating Grandmillenial elements by bringing in a beautiful, bold, statement-making Dana Gibson fabric for his canopy and continued the theme into a stunning grouping of ginger jars and chinoiserie details on his bedside tables.

Presley’s beautiful new bedroom (@presleybusenbarrick on Instagram)

I am also a fan of how another one of our creative customers (and former quilt shop owner) has been highlighting the elements of this look.  Suzanne Zingg creates stunning tablescapes that take your breath away, and her latest nod to Grandmillennial Style is no different!  She masterfully balanced her vivid color choices with white accessories that are both stark modern and traditionally shaped.  This is a look that displays multiple busy fabrics in a way that is still clean, classic and fresh.  I love seeing items like these go from our shop into our customers’ homes where they take on completely new lives!

Tablescape designed by Suzanne Zingg (@suzannezinggstyle on Instagram)
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These are just a few examples of how enjoyable New Traditional Grandmillenial Style can be I am so excited to play with these elements in the shop and to see what creations you come up with! Share with us your take on Grandmillenial by using the hashtag #nellhills and #grandmillenial on social media! Until next time – happy decorating!

Images courtesy of: CR Laine, Thibaut, Presley Busenbarrick, & Suzanne Zingg (Call Nell Hill’s for product details at 816-746-4320 or email