Welcome to Our Holiday Ski Lodge!

The holidays are such a magical time of year! I used to think that the sparkle and thrill would wear off with age, but I could not have been more wrong.  Of course, the season has changed over the years, from the anticipation of Santa coming to my house as a young child, to the feeling of home and nostalgia I felt coming back to visit my family during my young adult years, to now having the chance to create lasting memories for my own family.  My 3-year-old is finally old enough to start understanding the importance of Christmas, so this part of my adventure is only beginning!  All of these memories were playing in my mind earlier this year as I shopped for the Christmas looks I wanted to bring into the shop.  Going to market is an amazing experience, but it is easy to get sensory overload with the volume of options! I knew that I wanted to bring in a look that encompassed how I feel around this time and how I want others to feel when they visit the shop.  I kept coming back to one word in my mind – cozy. That is why our Ski Lodge look has become one of my absolute favorites this year.  While we may be short a few mountains here in Kansas City, the feeling of warmth, comfort and relaxation that comes with the rich red hues, soft plaids and fresh wood tones is something that resonates even here on the plains.

The colors in this Christmas display are deep and traditional, with dark crimson and fresh winter greens that pair perfectly with birch branches and ornaments to create a stunning, woodsy atmosphere.  Adding in some unique items like snowshoes or antique-inspired wooden skis rounds out the theme and creates a visual feast.  We also mixed in a variety of reindeer accents – because what is a winter woodland scene without a few majestic creatures!  All you need is a Home or Aspen candle burning and you are transported to a cabin getaway!

This is the perfect display in which to go plaid-happy (which in turn, makes me happy!). The different textures, finishes, and colors of the plaid ornaments this year were so fun to play with! It was easy to create a full and dimensional tree with so many stunning options.  I might find a way to keep the felt and velvet plaid ones around through the new year I love them so much!

We incorporated the plaid throughout the shop with throw pillows, blankets, and even a to-die-for green windowpane sofa.  The best part about these accents is that you can tie in the same display throughout multiple rooms with just a few textile touches!

Blue Parker Plaid Blanket available – Here | Arlington Plaid Throw Blanket available – Here

All this Christmas cheer doesn’t make Thanksgiving any less amazing, right?! I hope you have a wonderful holiday this week with your friends and family! Wishing you all full bellies, beautiful tabletops and many laughs as you celebrate! I am sure thankful for all of you and the support I have been given this year. 😊 I am going to be sharing Thanksgiving tables from my Nell Hill’s team this holiday on social media and I would love to share yours as well! Just post your Thanksgiving table with #nellhills so I can find you and share! Until next time – happy holiday decorating!