A Spring Fabrics Showcase at Nell Hill’s

As the seasons change, there’s a palpable excitement in the air, especially for us textile enthusiasts. The arrival of spring brings with it a burst of fresh colors and patterns that infuse our homes with renewed energy and vitality. Here at Nell Hill’s, we’re thrilled to unveil our latest collection of spring fabrics that have just graced our showroom floor. From vibrant florals to serene muted tones, our curated selection of fabrics captures the essence of the season and offers endless inspiration for your home decor projects.  

So I headed upstairs and teamed up with Zoe, the Fabrics Department Manager, for this sneak peek at the fabrics that are setting trends and turning heads throughout the shop. Join us as we explore this bevy of delightful textiles through a few charming flatlays, and two exquisite bedding designs that showcase the beautiful diversity of our spring fabrics. Let’s dive into this enchanting world of color and pattern together! 

Spring Flatlay Inspiration 

I was feeling absolutely inspired by these spring fabrics, and was so excited to see what they could do! Thankfully, I didn’t have too imagine for very long. Zoe had laid out some beautiful flatlays for us to highlight how these beauties could be mixed and matched to meet a wide variety of styles. We had so much fun walking through the patterns and some fun accent fabrics and finishings she paired with them.  

The first fabric flatlay features a stunning multi-hued floral, reminiscent of darling garden rows. This spring fabric evokes a lovely homespun feeling with the printed folksy design, while still exuding a state of refinement through the color palette and intricate details. Zoe decided to pull some of the blue hues from the pattern into her accompanying fabric choices, with both a blue gingham and another of our spring fabric selections, a lovely floral block print in pale blue. A final fabric choice features pink whimsical dots, making the pleated pink trim feel like a cohesive addition, rather than an afterthought. 

Next, she showed me an alluring design based on one of our new spring fabrics, a beautiful green botanical. In this verdant garden scene, flowering branches intertwine with varying blooms of muted grey, blue, and tones of pink. Zoe was able to expertly mix in two more spring fabrics, the first with a green pattern reminiscent of bamboo lattice, and another with it’s fine stripes of pale green. These three fabrics used here together are an excellent example of harnessing the power of scale to execute a well-rounded design. There’s no arguing that the muted botanical is the star here. But the bamboo latticeword fabric, with it’s natural white background adds much needed negative space for your eye to rest, while the thin pale green stripe adds textural interest without overwhelming with too much additional detail. A chambray blue fabric softens the fabric trio, in a supporting (but no less important) role. Boldly cutting through the design, a bright pink pleated trim stands out and ties in beautifully with some of the blooms on our hero fabric. A teal-colored tassel adds a traditional touch to finish off this lovely flatlay.  

The third flatlay showcases the more muted possibilities, for those of us with more neutral tastes, that exist within the spring fabrics collection. Based around a lovely floral fabric, this design looks like a stroll in the English countryside.  Keeping with a traditional and romantic theme, Zoe expertly brought in a delicate pink pinstripe fabric to brighten up the composition. A woven green fabric adds textural interest, while a brown gingham selection introduces a new scale of pattern to the mix and provides the pop of white that gives this look a harmonious visual balance. A pink scalloped trim playfully meanders across the scene, the perfect accompaniment to these springy selections.  

The final flatlay that we happened upon was a vibrant design starring a brilliant and cheery collection of flora and fruit and butterflies. Bright yellows and multi-hued pinks are supported by greens and smaller pops of blue throughout. Zoe leaned into the greens and pinks with her supporting fabric choices, resulting in a fun and preppy combination that is expertly balanced in pattern and scale.  

I loved the opportunity to see what inspired our fun and bubbly Fabric Department Manager. But, when it came to our spring fabrics showcase, flatlays weren’t the only surprises that Zoe had to show me. We recently had two gorgeous beds hit the show room floor dressed in the new spring fabrics, and I can’t wait to share them with you!  

Soft and Delicate Floral Blues 

Introducing our enchanting bedding design featuring a new spring fabric in soft floral blues . This exquisite fabric boasts a soft white backdrop adorned with delicate clusters of blue flowering branches and serene birds with blue feathers, evoking a sense of tranquility and grace. In this captivating design, our hero fabric takes center stage as the duvet cover and first row of pillows, bringing a touch of springtime charm to any bedroom.

Complemented by a lovely pair of blue gingham pillow and striking blue and white latticework pillows, the collection is elevated with layers of texture and pattern. Adding depth and interest to the ensemble is a light fawn pillow with a ruffled edge, harmoniously tying in with the caramel-colored pinstripe on the back of the duvet. The result is a bedding design that exudes lightness and airiness, exemplifying the beauty of spring in your home. 

Bold and Beautiful in Vibrant Red 

This final bedding design is a bold statement that brings the vibrant energy of spring into any bedroom. Featuring a striking red fabric is peppered with leaf motifs and a smiling stylized lion poking out throughout the leaves while a darling little bee buzzes around the scene, this duvet cover and pillow collection immediately draw the eye with their rich hues and intricate details. The Bedding Team did an amazing job executing on this design. The choice to cover both the duvet and the second row of pillows in the bold red fabric creates a cohesive and impactful look, anchoring the design with its saturated color palette. The decision to pair the red fabric with a fawn-colored backing for the duvet and a matching small pillow adds depth and contrast to the ensemble, while also providing a subtle transition from the bold red to more neutral tones. 

To complement the boldness of the bright red fabric, a row of pillows in blue and white stripes adds balance and lightness to the design, creating visual interest and preventing the overall look from feeling too heavy. The addition of a blue and white polka dot pillow at the edge of the bed introduces a playful touch, adding a whimsical element to the ensemble. The navy blue ruffles on the small pillow tie in with the blues present in the duvet, creating a sense of cohesion and harmony throughout the design. Overall, this bedding design is a vibrant and dynamic choice that brings the spirit of spring to life in any bedroom, making a bold statement while also incorporating elements of whimsy and sophistication. 

As we wrap up our spring fabric showcase, we are filled with gratitude for the opportunity to share these stunning textiles with you. From vibrant florals to classic patterns, each fabric has brought its own unique charm and beauty to our collections. We hope you’ve found inspiration and joy in exploring the endless possibilities these fabrics offer for transforming your home this season. As always, our team at Nell Hill’s is here to assist you in bringing your vision to life, whether it’s through bedding designs, drapery, upholstery, or any other creative project. Thank you for joining us on this journey through the world of spring fabrics, and we look forward to continuing to inspire and delight you with our ever-evolving selection of textiles. Until next time – happy decorating!