Countryside Retreat: At Home with an Interior Stylist 

Because of the nature of my role as the Proprietress of Nell Hill’s, I’m fortunate to be surrounded by inspired spaces regularly, and the home that I’m sharing in today’s blog post is no exception. Our Visual Merchandising Director here at Nell Hill’s is known for having exquisite taste. Known for her discerning eye, you’ve seen her work if you’ve walked the showroom floor and thought to yourself, “Just how did they come up with that?” when staring at a perfectly executed vignette or shelf display. Her house is someplace that I’ve been dying to share with all of you for years, and I’m so excited to finally have the opportunity.  

Welcome to a countryside dream home, a carefully crafted haven that defies the norms of traditional farmhouse aesthetics while embracing the warmth of cottage charm. The homeowners embarked on a journey to build their ideal space, and with a keen eye for design, they took on the role of their own contractors, ensuring every detail reflected their vision. The floor plan, initially a blank canvas, evolved as the couple spent countless hours on Pinterest, curating ideas from various sources to infuse unique elements into their home. 

Defined as a modern farmhouse with a twist of cottage allure, the home sits a few miles outside Lawrence, KS boasting a serene pond that satisfies the couple’s desire for a touch of nature. While not an expansive footprint, the homeowners ensured that every corner exudes character, a testament to their belief that size doesn’t compromise style. 

Each element in this abode is a testament to the offerings at Nell Hill’s, from light fixtures to bedding, draperies to wallpapers, and nearly every piece of furniture and decor. This home isn’t just a static masterpiece; it’s a living space that informs the homeowners’ design decisions. The layout adapts as their family’s needs change, a testament to the organic relationship between life and design. 

Beyond the walls, our amazing team member underscores the importance of continuity in design, seamlessly blending the exterior with the interior. For her, it’s an art of pairing and mixing, a dynamic dance that brings harmony to every corner of her carefully curated sanctuary. Welcome to a home that breathes life into the essence of design, where every choice tells a story of compromise, creativity, and the art of living beautifully. 

The Primary Bedroom: Refined Farmhouse Traditional 

Step into the sanctuary that is the primary bedroom, a harmonious blend of warmth, elegance, and carefully curated details that make it special. The primary bath, adorned with Thibaut wallpaper, becomes a canvas where intricate trimwork takes center stage thanks to the clever interplay of pattern scale. The talented finishing carpenter, whose craftsmanship comes alive against the textured backdrop, infused character and a cozy ambiance into the new construction. The high ceilings, complemented by a light fixture from Nell Hill’s, not only add visual interest but also contribute to sound management. 

As you transition into the bedroom, a soothing cream palette sets the tone, creating a canvas for an exquisite gallery wall that graces the space behind the bed. Moody prints of elegant birds, a testament to the homeowner’s discerning taste, flank the bed, creating a serene focal point. The bed itself, the bedding on top, as well as the bench at its foot, all offerings from Nell Hill’s, are a testament to the store’s ability to cater to every facet of home design. 

The bedding, a delightful symphony of textures and patterns, showcases our Visuals Director’s keen eye for coordination. The duvet, a pre-made piece, becomes a canvas for the true stars — the Nell Hill’s pillows. The selection includes euros that artfully tie into the curtains, a layer with a beautiful block print, and a playful black and white pillow with Kate Spade trim, adding a touch of refinement to the comfortable, cottagey look. 

The homeowner’s approach to fabric selection is a masterclass in design cohesion. Starting with the buffalo check, she built a narrative that incorporated both black and blue hues. The key, she emphasizes, is considering the scale of patterns and their harmonious interplay. She applauds the design service at Nell Hill’s, highlighting the invaluable guidance offered by our designers. For her, the goal is a home that reflects not just the designer’s taste and skillset but most importantly, the personality and preferences of the homeowner. 

Completing the ensemble is a rug from Nell Hill’s, an anchor that introduces texture and pattern, infusing the room with warmth and visual interest. This bedroom is not just another space; it’s a testament to thoughtful design, the collaborative effort that can exist between homeowner and designer, and a showcase of Nell Hill’s commitment to making homes truly extraordinary. 

An Artful Moody Hall Bathroom 

In this house, design rules are meant to be challenged and broken! The hall bathroom is a testament to the magic that happens when you throw out the conventional rulebook. The walls adorned in Thibaut octagon-patterned wallpaper create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The homeowner defies the notion that dark walls make a space feel smaller; instead, she embraces the bold choice, cleverly breaking up the richness with elegant gold-framed artwork. The interplay of light and dark is an art form in itself — light floors and ceilings, along with a strategically placed mirror, ensure the room remains bright and welcoming. Her rebellion against conventional design norms extends to the diverse botanical artwork that graces the walls, introducing pops of green and injecting life into the space. It’s not just about the art; it’s about the frames too — a deliberate curation that showcases her fearless approach to design. This is a space where every design choice tells a story of breaking free from the ordinary. 

Daydream in Style in This Posh Guest Bedroom 

The guest bedroom is a testament to the magic that happens when you let fabric choices guide your design journey. Starting with the vibrant pomegranate fabric from Nell Hill’s for the drapery panels, our Visuals Director orchestrated a symphony of greens and yellows in the room. The deer leaping across the fabric on a pair of pillows atop the bed might be unconventional at first blush, but against the bright green backdrop, they add a whimsical touch to the room. The custom bench cushion, crafted in our very own workroom, is a perfect match, proving the wonders of bespoke pieces in elevating a space. Have a specific space in your own home in need of upholstered adornment? Custom projects like that are all in a day’s work at the Nell Hill’s Workroom! 

Designer wallpaper, available at the shop, adds subtle texture, and its distinct shade creates a delightful contrast with the woodwork, making the room pop in a peaceful way. Our Visuals Director’s design tips for a homey guest bedroom emphasize soft design elements, ensuring that even though the rooms may not see constant use, they exude a plush and cozy ambiance for any guest fortunate enough to stay. 

A Playful Guest Bathroom 

The hall bathroom, adorned in a beautiful otomi print wallpaper, is a testament to the art of balancing bold patterns in smaller spaces. The lights, strategically mounted on the mirror itself, illuminate the space elegantly. One of the homeowner’s favorite additions is the playful inclusion of a trough sink in the vanity, adding a touch of whimsy to the design.  

Her thoughtful approach to managing busy wallpaper in this space involves complementing it with art pieces featuring ample negative space, creating a harmonious blend in the room. When it comes to choosing wallpaper for smaller areas, her advice is grounded in individual taste. “Any kind of paper can work, I’ve been in beautiful spaces with huge bold prints on them and they work. It comes down to personal taste and what you can live with. If you feel like walking into a space with an overwhelming pattern isn’t for you, don’t do it!” she stresses. Trends may come and go, but personal comfort and style endure. For those uncertain about their preferences or execution, our Visuals Director advocates the value of consulting a designer, ensuring that one’s space is a true reflection of personal aesthetics and comfort. 

The Kitchen & Dining Spaces 

The kitchen and dining space is a testament to personalized craftsmanship and thoughtful curation. The locally crafted cabinets, a product of collaboration and attentive design, reflect the authenticity sought after in every detail of this home. The architectural beams, reclaimed from a small Missouri town, bring character and history to the ceilings, a story told through the artful use of reclaimed wood. The homeowners spent hours sifting through piles of wood, looking for some that they felt had personality to them. 

The open shelves in the kitchen, both decorative and functional, occasionally host seasonal displays, perhaps adorned with festive greenery during Christmas. The stools at the island, dressed in a traditional ticking pattern, strike a balance between classic and refined. In the dining room, Schumacher fabric drapes with a dark background find a delightful contrast with the white-patterned chair. The cohesion in the space is underscored by the strategic use of the same stone in the kitchen pillar, fireplace, and exterior, a deliberate choice that speaks to the homeowner’s commitment to harmonious design. All the lighting illuminating these meticulously curated spaces is available at Nell Hill’s, of course!  

Lounge in the Living Room

In the living room, the design philosophy revolves around a neutral foundation with bursts of color strategically introduced through accessories, pillows, and artwork. The grounding furniture pieces, deliberately kept neutral, create a versatile canvas that can effortlessly adapt to evolving tastes. The carefully chosen pillows play a crucial role in this color narrative, with the dynamic addition of burnt orange and red, echoing vibrancy that resonates across the room in accessories and accents. 

The homeowner’s approach to seasonal transformations involves subtle shifts, and for the upcoming spring season, she envisions an infusion of greenery, introducing textures and plant life to rejuvenate the space. The sectional holds a commanding presence, influencing the room’s aesthetic with its heavy tone. She skillfully weaves touches of black throughout the room, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious design that speaks to the thoughtful curation defining her living space. 

Stepping into our Visuals Director’s home was a delightful journey through thoughtful design, personal stories, and the art of creating spaces that breathe with life. Each room echoed a distinct personality, mirroring the homeowner’s love for unique details and her ability to blend tradition with a modern flair. It’s not just a home; it’s also a testament to the endless possibilities that Nell Hill’s offers. Exploring this house showcased the power of design to reflect individuality, turning each corner into a canvas of memories and style. As we conclude this enchanting home tour, I’m reminded of the endless potential that lies within our walls at Nell Hill’s — a space where your vision comes to life, and every piece tells a story. Until next time – happy decorating!  

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