Beautiful Botanicals

I have always been a big fan of botanicals in the home.  From a young girl who wanted flowers on her wallpaper to an adult…who still wants flowers on my wallpaper! However, my husband and two sons don’t seem so keen on the idea so we must meet in the middle by mixing together my favorite florals with more masculine flower-free botanicals to keep our spaces in perfect harmony. 

Try out topiaries and easy greenery.  I love having blooms in my home, and greenery is a big part of that.  Plus, a bit of good news, you don’t have to be a skilled floral arranger to decorate with them. You can create a fun, simple display with just a few items. Just cluster a group of small glass vases on a pretty tray and insert your favorite stems.

If arranging just isn’t your thing, try using topiaries. They make for another simple but dramatic display perfect for your table, kitchen island, bookcases or mantel.  Since they come in different shapes and sizes, you can mix several together for an impactful look. Cluster three or five at the center of your kitchen island or dining table or bookend your mantel with a triad of different boxwoods.

Floral fabrics are more popular than ever, and I can’t get enough! You can find gorgeous florals that span the spectrum from soft and romantic, to stylized and electric.. These prints add year-round freshness to your spaces, from your bedroom to your living room and every room in between.  I have also found myself drawn to botanical pairings as well.  They come in so many different textures and colors that you can mix and match with your festive florals for lovely layered looks.

When in doubt on how to start celebrating botanicals in your home, look to your art. Whether you prefer realistic renderings or something a bit more painterly, there are endless artistic representations of botanical wonders. Botanical art comes in all sizes and I just admit I’m most often drawn to oversized pieces that make a big statement and varied sizes grouped together in a gallery wall. You really can’t go wrong though, when it comes to featuring botanical art!

Having these wonderful items in my home makes me dream of clear skies and fresh stems year-round, whether the weather is cooperating or not! Until next time – happy decorating!