Pretty and Patriotic Styles

If you have been following along with me you know that while I have many favorite color combinations, red, white and blue is right near the top year-round!  That is one reason I get so excited during the summer months when it come to the forefront of the shop.  While in the other months I try to stay away from making this combination scream USA, these are the months where it is easier than ever to bring out a bit of patriotic prettiness to existing home designs – even those who don’t share my obsession with decorating with these hues.  During May, June, and July this combination goes from subtle beauty to symbolic beauty, where red goes from just another spot on the color wheel to symbolizing hardiness and valor, white symbolizes purity and innocence, and blue represents vigilance, perseverance, and justice.

If you are looking to bring a bit of RWB into your bedroom, a patterned duvet is the perfect choice. I have been drawn to this Yama print that our designer Dianne used in her June featured bedding.  This Asian toile is trendy and classic in its pomegranate color way with bold red and dreamy navy blue creating a wonderful contrast. A lively print leaves a lot of room for fun with pillows.  You have the freedom to build with more patterns and textures or even add in a seasonal decorative pillow to welcome in the holidays.

When bringing RWB to your tabletop, it can be as easy as throwing a new linen on the table! It doesn’t even have to be a tablecloth – we use throw blankets all the time for a fun new texture, easy clean up, and usefulness long after the meal has ended. Of course, colorful glass (or plastic if you are worried about breakage) is having a hay day and is always a great addition to your table settings.  We mix and match them with classic dot plates for a festive but not overwhelming look.  For added flair, patriotic accessories make for a great topper or napkin ring!

Patriotic accessories come in all shapes and sizes.  From flags and swags that make the exterior of your home pop to candlesticks that enhance your home’s natural beauty.  Moving your blue ginger jar over to a red and white area is sometimes all it takes to bring forth a fourth atmosphere! I am partial to bringing in seasonal throw pillows myself.  They are a quick addition to almost any room and are easy to store or stick in another sham when you are done with them!  They come in so many different designs, there is always one I can find that fits my space perfectly.

With two little ones this year, I can’t wait to see them running around the yard under the fireworks (or hopefully sleeping through them in my newborns case!).  This time of year always makes me so happy to be able to celebrate with family and friends under all the stunning red, white and blue.  Until next time – happy decorating!