Lovely Lakehouse Essentials

What is going on with this June weather in Kansas City? It’s usually August before this type of heat and humidity reach us! It makes me want to pack up the family and find some fresh (hopefully breezy) air at the nearest lakeside abode.  However, with a newborn at home it seems that dream will have to wait a bit.  In the meantime, since I can’t be submersed in a cooling lake, I am submersing myself in beautiful lake décor!

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A lake house should be many things: an oasis in which to relax, an escape that takes you to a place of retreat, and, in my opinion, have just a bit of camp or whimsey to it. What is a lake home for if not a bit of fun?  I find myself drawn to the warm neutral colors and natural textures of “lake” style versus the always gorgeous but slightly different beach and nautical décor (I’m sure I have my Midwest upbringing with summers at the lake to thank for that).  Instead of stark white accents of the coast, lake living allows a bit more freedom and “homey” energy that I can’t get enough of. While it may seem “on the nose” to double down on a lake theme, I don’t care! Bring on the fish and the oars – I am always ready for them! 

We already know that I love a throw pillow, so it will be no surprise that I find myself drawn to them for lake chic design as well!  Some of my favorites are the bait and tackle needlepoint pillows we have in the shop this year.  They are perfect for topping off a bedding set, in the living room, or even as an accent pillow on the hostess chairs at your dining table. They come in all sizes and have amazing texture!

Staying with the fishing theme, tabletop accessories are some of my favorite items with which to play.  I find a lot of lakeside homes utilize natural wood throughout (which makes sense when you consider the nature all around) that pairs well with rustic table accents.  Introducing aquatic creatures into your tablescape can be simple!  Throw a trout-adorned enamel mug onto your breakfast nook or utilize a bass-stamped serving platter for a touch of whimsey.  You can also forgo the flowers you would usually set around your space with other varieties of greens like cattails for a rustic and nature-forward touch.

As always, art and accessories can make a big impact in your space. Find an antique canoe and create a focal point in your garden, or use it as a plant stand in a four-season room for a unique twist!  Fill your space with lanterns and natural fibers for a homey atmosphere that isn’t overwhelmed.  When it comes to art, I think that local prints and wood frames are a wonderful way to go.  Local art with your home name or location adds a level of customization to your dwelling that is hard to beat.  If you still have space on your walls, I encourage you to think outside the frame – fish plates, oars and perhaps even that large mounted fish your significant other keeps around can make for an interesting and exciting gallery wall addition.

Lake living and décor is all about comfort and not taking yourself too seriously, and those are things I can always get behind!  Until next time – happy decorating!