Bold & Beautiful Colors: It Was All Yellow

I find that few things can cause controversy in our social media pictures quite like using strong colors – which is understandable!  Colors are intrinsically linked to our feelings, emotions, and memories so it is natural to be passionate about them. However, I tend to think that the sometimes warry and adverse reactions to using powerful hues comes from a place of uncertainty on how to adapt and incorporate these shades into a stunning and simple home atmosphere.  Colors, even the boldest of them, are nothing to be afraid of!

With springtime about to bloom, I am inspired to start incorporating daring colors that have been dormant throughout the last few months.  While blue and green are colors I shall forever adore and use to adorn my spaces, my eyes have been wandering over to the warmer side of things with visions of sunny days and warm breezes bringing yellow to the forefront of my mind.

Warm colors, like yellow, are a fantastic way to turn up the heat and add, you guessed it, warmth to your home! There are many ways for classic yellows to mix and match into your home décor without overpowering your existing aesthetic. Yellow can be neutral, pastel or fully saturated depending on your tastes, which allows for it to be incorporated into many different looks.  This cheerful and uplifting color pairs well with whites, pinks, browns, grays, blues, greens and reds (*whew!* I need to take a breath!) and gives any room a stunning glow. 

Yellow can be a loud statement or a soft whisper, although you know me – I always think more is more! One place that is perfect for a splash of sunshine is in your upholstery.  A statement chair is a wonderful spot for a pop of color and energy. While it might seem a big risk to go big and bright, a bright chair can always be tempered with a throw blanket, pillow or tray so incorporate it throughout the seasons and your changing tastes. Of course, this works the other way around, too – have a neutral chair but want to spice it up? Add your pop of yellow with a throw pillow or blanket instead of committing to an entirely new piece.

Of course, easing into yellow is always an option as well.  Many patterned fabrics feature subtle hints of yellow that can be brought out into a space.  It might not be the main hue in your textile, but it can still be a powerful addition to your space when enhanced with throw pillows, vases, and even artwork.  These small tweaks can bring yellow into any room in your home from the powder room to the living room, to a stunning and cheerful bedroom.

The possibilities when it comes to bold and beautiful colors are truly endless and they make for some very exciting hues with which to experiment.  So don’t be afraid to be bold and bring whatever bright colors speak to you into you home – it is well worth it!  Until next time – happy decorating!