Scents of Spring

Spring is in the air, and so are its wonderful scents!  When I think of spring, aroma is at the forefront of my mind.  Stepping outside and inhaling a fresh, earthy breeze is my sign that the season has officially changed.  I can picture it now in my mind – light cotton dresses, dreamy floral sprigs, gardens starting to bloom and a sense of renewal that only comes with spring. I have a few favorite scents this season that pair beautifully with many of our different springtime looks in the shop!

Close your eyes and think of the French countryside – sun shining bright through a pure blue sky dotted with soft white clouds while a gentle breeze blows fresh white linens dry from the line behind a quintessential cottage.  Now bring it back to the states with touches of rustic and refined décor in lovely calming hues in your own home.  This scene is only enhanced by one of my favorite crisp fragrances, French Laundry.  French Laundry is full of notes of freshly pressed linens with subtle hints of citrus, rosemary and cedarwood that will transport you to your dreamy destination.  When paired with our Blue Stem room filled with sweet azure and snow-white accents or our sunlit garden area, it is an oasis of calm luxury.

Another of my coveted scents this season might surprise you, as it seems unusual for a candle.  However, whenever warm weather descends upon me, I start to think of all the wonderful things that are to grow in the near future.  While my green thumb leaves much to be desired, I have always enjoyed decorating with garden themed décor for a bright and earthy atmosphere.  Tomato Leaf is fresh and herbaceous straight-from-the-vine tomato blended with leafy rhubarb and just a touch of lemon and mint.  Far from cloying, this light scent ads just the right mouth-watering aroma to your kitchen and dining areas.  It pairs beautifully with a setting featuring classic cabbage plates and veggie accents don’t you think?

Is it really spring without budding tulips? I sure don’t think so! Tulips are cheerful, full of love and light, and oh so fragrant.  They are one of the first flowers to wake up and salute the sun each year and for that I couldn’t be more thankful.  I love color and tulips sure come in a wide range of pastel and vibrant hues that bring happiness to any space, both indoor and out.  Add to that the scent of Tulip Fields, full of notes of midday spring tulips, fresh tuberose and vintage gardenia with hints of Bulgarian rose and crushed violet leaves and you will be living in a spring retreat.

There are also many classic scents that I enjoy during this time of year (looking at you, Screened Porch) but I can’t get enough of these beautiful candles to welcome the new season in with me.  What are some of your favorite spring scents? I am always looking for new ones to enjoy so let me know in the comments! Until next time – happy decorating!