Brighten Your Spaces with Updated Lighting

Want to give your interior spaces a fresh, clean look? It could be as easy as flipping a switch. Whether it’s a cool new lamp in your living room, a stylish pendent over your kitchen island or a statement-making chandelier for your entry, updating your lighting will give new energy to every room in your home.


Lighting is a Game Changer

Often, Nell Hill’s customers bring us photos of rooms in their homes they are not crazy about, asking for our suggestions to help transform the spaces. Almost always, one of the top three things that needs to change in the space is the lighting. New lighting is a game changer.

Once you replace old lackluster fixtures and lamps with beautiful new pieces, you will be blown away by the difference it makes. Seriously. The other day I worked with a customer who has shopped at Nell Hill’s for years. Not long ago, she decided to upgrade the lighting in her kitchen. She was so amazed by the difference the new lights made, she was back to shop for fixtures and lamps for the next room, determined to eventually refresh every space in her home with new lights.

As we live in our homes day by day, we get used to design elements we initially didn’t like, such as that builder’s grade lighting we vowed to change as soon as we moved in, but never did. So I want to challenge you to walk around your home with fresh eyes. Give your lighting a critical look. The lights you aren’t crazy about? Resolve to switch them out, and take your room to the next level.

I love traditional fixtures and lamps in my home, but I also like to weave in fresh new looks to keep my décor interesting. I adore so many of the approaches today’s lighting designers are using: minimalist geometric pendants in wood; fixtures made of light lux metals, like brushed nickel and antiqued brass; industrial redux with an edgy, unfinished look; over-sized lanterns that leave out the glass. Whatever style appeals to you, these statement pieces become the centerpiece of the room.  The chandelier in the photo above is the one I picked for my own dining room. I love it!


Clean Colors, Crisp Lines Brighten Rooms

As I study our customers’ photos of their rooms they don’t like, I see lots of dark fixtures and lamps. Today’s look in lighting is cleaner, crisper. So take a look at your lamps. Is it time to brighten them up?

For me, lamps are like works of art. They add to the character and drama of your spaces. If you’re looking for a good basic for a living room or bedroom, try a porcelain lamp in an interesting gourd shape, either in a neutral white or cream, or in an accent color like green, blue or coral. I’m over the moon about blue and white Asian-inspired lamps, or a more modern texture like the beauty in the photo above from Nell Hill’s.

Maybe your lamps are perfect, but it’s the lampshades that are bringing down the look. Try switching out the existing shades for more modern looking drum shades or the redesigned bell shapes, done in white. Finish it off with an updated finial, like a porcelain ball.  The new shades will give the lamps an entirely different personality.


Make the Investment

As you look for new lighting, know going in that great lighting does not come cheap. I like to stretch my decorating budget and use less expensive furnishings and accents every chance I get. Sometimes, you can get a similar look for less.

But these days, when it comes to light fixtures and lamps, you get what you pay for. So, get the best pieces your budget will allow. You will see the difference every time you flip on the light.


Next Week … At Nell Hill’s, we have a lot of fun styling our cabinets. I’ll share tips on how to build displays that look lovely.