Bring Out the Boxwood

As with every February in the Midwest, I feel like the weather has not caught up with my internal clock just yet. Aside from the few lovely days of warmth we had during the Super Bowl (Go Chiefs!!) the only time I can get my fix of Spring cheer is at the shop!  Lucky for me I spend a lot of time at the shop and can get my spring fix of color from the lovely stems and bright spring accessories we have. When bringing this seasonal excitement into my own home I utilize the always elegant charm of boxwood.  I love boxwoods in every season, but especially in Spring! It might be because preserved boxwoods have the feel of a fresh green without all the time-consuming upkeep – just mist them with water once a month and you are good to go! I adore adding boxwoods to existing displays as well as dressing them up with ribbons and picks for some seasonal flare. Here are a few simple ideas to update your boxwoods this Spring!

Classic boxwood wreaths are so versatile.  We style them on plates, statues, shelves, doors, chairs – whew I need to take a breath! The 10-inch boxwood wreaths are perfect for a pop of pink peonies or a cluster of tulips.  Adding stems and ribbon not only gives you the opportunity to introduce spring colors into your display but also adds texture and volume. In fact, sometimes adding greenery is just as dramatic of a change as colorful florals!  A few stems and some zip ties can take your boxwood to the next level. I tend to use my same boxwoods season after season and introduce new picks to make them seem brand new year-round!

10-inch Boxwood Wreath Available – HERE

Boxwoods are the perfect place to incorporate other natural elements like nests and bird accessories during the springtime.  Since boxwood got its start as a traditional outdoor hedge, I find that it adds a sense of realism and nature to your home when decorated in this fashion.  Balancing your boxwood on vases or cake pedestals at varying heights makes a display perfect for a mantel or table centerpiece.  We even place them around stone statues and busts to achieve the same outdoor elegance that boxwoods were originally known for. 

10-inch Boxwood Wreath Available – HERE

Smaller boxwood wreaths and accessories are the perfect touches to top off a tabletop.  Not only do they add dimension and texture to a place setting, but they fill out a display that might otherwise look incomplete.  I especially love the boxwood coasters we have in the shop right now – they add a pop of freshness and act as a beautiful backdrop for whatever name tag or trinket tops your table. 

Boxwood Coasters Available – HERE
Mini Lanterns Available – HERE
Mini Terra Cotta Pots Available – HERE

Where do you utilize your boxwoods? I am always looking for new ways to incorporate my favorite items, so let me know in the comments or tag us in your spring boxwood photos on social media using the hashtag #nellhills!  I can’t wait to see all of your different combinations and creative ideas! Don’t miss our Spring Open House and Tabletop Weekend on March 6-8 -you can be sure to spot plenty of boxwood goodies around the shop! Until next time – happy decorating!