Wood Furniture: The Unsung Hero of the Home

As I walked around the shop this morning admiring the new spring displays, I couldn’t help but notices all the rich and vibrant wood textures we have.  Wood pieces add warmth and texture to any space and with so many shapes, sizes and finish options, the possibilities are endless.  It’s easy to let wood pieces be overshadowed by the showiness of textile furniture, but no more! It’s high time we give our faithful wood pieces the shine they deserve for offering our rooms elegance, charm and sophistication. 

One of the reasons we may take wood furniture for granted is because it has been around for so long! Wood furniture has been a status maker since its earliest days, showcasing the engineering and craftsmanship skills of each era. In fact, early civilization went from stone beds to the first wood raised bed frame in ancient Egypt, soon to be followed by the worlds first wooden throne.  It is fascinating to look back at the original styles and see how they have been transformed into the intricate spindle bed frames and colorful bamboo chairs we see today!

A common misconception is that upholstery furniture is the only customizable furniture option, but there are seemingly limitless finishes, grains and detailing for wood furniture that can fit any style and home.  While I adore traditional wood colors, it is fun to think outside of the typical stain palette.  Lacquered woods are not only durable, but the finish gives even the most traditional frames a modern touch, perfect for lovers of new traditional style.  If a room needs more texture or a natural element, then I automatically think of wicker. Since wicker can be made of many materials like cane, willow, rattan, and bamboo, there are many different ways it can be incorporated into a space.  One of my favorites this spring is our simple rattan trunk that we have been using as a coffee table in the midst of colorful fabrics. Not only does it act as a visual anchor, but it pairs nicely with all the different types of wood finishes you might find around a home.

Now is the perfect time to look for the wood piece (or pieces!) for your home! Beginning February 15th we will be celebrating our Wood Furniture Sale where you can save 20% on all wood furniture including custom and special-order pieces. Not sure where to start? Consider working with one of our fabulous designers who can help set you on the right path by asking you questions about your home, style and lifestyle. It is so fun to see all the amazing furniture that is designed during this sale, and to see all the new homes our furniture have when they go out the door with a customer! Until next time – happy decorating!