Building a Beautiful Vignette

I love a good vignette. These small, curated style statements made up of a group of objects can be found displayed on shelves, tabletops, and elsewhere in a home. These pretty collections can be used to tie a space together, incorporate beloved items into your décor, or add functionality to a surface. Of course, we use them all over the shop to display our wares, too, and our goal is to inspire you to take the same pieces home with you for your own creations! But if you’re new to creating vignettes, where does one begin?

First things first, you need to gather your items!  Think about what objects make sense in the space you are decorating.  If it is a bedside table for example, be sure to include an alarm clock, water decanter, decorative tissue holder, small box in which to stash your phone charger or any other bedtime or morning must-haves.   If your space is purely decorative and doesn’t have a specific function, you can always focus on bringing in the colors and textures found in the room with your grouping of goodies.

Once you have everything together, choose an item to anchor the vignette.   An anchor item is one that stands out as the focal point of your grouping and grounds the entire look.  We often use artwork, lamps or floral arrangements to achieve this.  If you don’t have one item that stands out to you, create an anchor by grouping a selection of your items on a tray to create a visually heavy point in the design.

To create a balanced look, make sure that you use a variety of textures and heights in your vignettes.  This creates interest and movement in your grouping.  Everything doesn’t have to be symmetrical (although it can be if that is your preferred style!) but it does have to have a range of items to create a look that will stun.  If you find yourself without a selection of tall and short items, stack it up!  Using books as risers for other items is both stylish and easy – just stack and top off with your accessory.

Don’t forget to edit your final look! The best thing about vignettes is how easy it is to switch out items, so no need to cram all of your favorites into one area.  Take a step back and study your creation and move things around as needed.  I find it helpful if I am unsure to take some photos of my vignette before moving it around so I know what I do and don’t like when it comes to the final version. 

When you are playing with beautiful décor and your favorite things, there is no wrong way to create a vignette!  Share some of your own with me on our social pages using the hashtag #nellhills so I can see your creations!  Until next time – happy decorating!