Cheers to New Beginnings!

Happy 2019! The new year is often a time of fresh starts and new beginnings, and it just so happens that the beginning of 2019 kicks off some particularly exciting new beginnings for Mary Carol and me! As you read in the last Nell Hill’s article, Mary Carol, who began Nell Hill’s as a gourmet food shop 37 years ago, sold the iconic Kansas City business to me, a Kansas City gal through and through. And while the deal is done and I’m officially the new steward of Nell Hill’s (read more on that here), the work is just getting started!

Mary Carol and I are taking to the transition with lots of laughs and learning along the way. For one, Mary Carol now has a boss! She jokes that she’s going to call in sick every chance she gets and I joke that she better remember to punch her time card! With way more free time, she tells me she is already driving Dan crazy, and loving every minute of it.

For me, this venture brings a lot of new firsts. The entire team has been gracious and warm, and I’m learning to extend myself some grace during this steep learning curve.

I’m so grateful for Mary Carol’s steady hand through this transition. As a matter of fact, the two of us are leaving for market today! It’s both exciting and overwhelming, but I can’t wait to give you a sneak peek of all the beautiful goodies we find when we get back. And don’t worry, Mary Carol will still be found floating around the shop for the next year, adding her signature touch here and there!

Above all, this transition reminds me of the importance of the relationships with the strong and supportive women in my life – the paths they have paved and the legacies they leave behind. My mother (along with my father) taught me that satisfaction that can be found in hard work and dedication to careers that we love. My grandmothers solidified my love of entertaining and decorating and the importance of creating a warm home. Grandma Olson introduced me to sewing at a young age and I’ve loved textiles ever since. A mentor and friend, Elizabeth, showed me time and time again that we can handle whatever life throws at us with grace and kindness. And of course, Mary Carol, who has built a place and experience like no other, has shown me and the rest of the world what passion and vision can accomplish. She has entrusted me with her “baby”, and I couldn’t be more grateful and honored to carry on her legacy.

As a new mom with a young family, I’m in the midst of building the home my husband and I have always dreamed of. Of course, a large part of that dream is gorgeous interiors and I cannot wait to give you an inside look at our adventures in addition to regular updates about the shop! We will continue to share inspired design ideas to help you make your dwelling the one you’ve always dreamed about, too!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for trusting me with the next chapter in Nell Hill’s history. I wish you a season of new beginnings and fresh starts, whatever that may mean for you!

– Katie