Craving Color: Incorporating Juicy Citrus Hues into Your Home

Sometimes when a craving hits it can’t be ignored!  I’ve been experience cravings not only with my sweet tooth but with my other tastes as well.  It all started last week when one of our wonderful team members, Karen, brought in delicious lemon bars for the crew. I hadn’t had such a bright flavor in quite a while, and it hit me that I needed more bright and juicy tastes and colors in my life.  How fun is it that inspiration can come from the most unexpected (and delicious) of sources!  I’ve now made it a point to bring vibrant lime, fresh orange, and tart lemon colors into our décor to embrace this sharp and joyful feeling that I don’t want to shake!

Just A POP.  If you are weary of new colors, start by dipping a toe into the wonderful and daring world of citrus colors.  I can’t tell you the number of times I hear people say they love bold colors, like orange, but have no idea where to start.  A great example of easing into a bright hue can be found in our Twilight room.  Full of rich and dark blues, we were searching for an extra element to add a little fun.  Enter our orange accessories!  Starting with a beautiful orange tray in the center of the room that creates a wonderful anchor of color.  That bright pop allows us to bring in a juicy orange and blue textile in our accent pillows that rounds out the room and makes the orange intentional and the room complete!

Green dot plates available – here

Setting it all out.  What better place for mouthwatering fruit than the dinner table? A tabletop set with all things lemon and lime is just what I am in the mood for right now!  Since balance is always key when it comes to table displays, we selected a soft lime green as our main color and brought in the brighter shades of yellow to highlight and add some fun to the look.  While they aren’t citrus, I am in love with the faux artichokes on this tabletop -I think they bring a realistic touch to a fanciful table display!

Take it to the bedroom.  For those who go all-in with change, a bedroom duvet is the perfect place to switch up your look with a new color.  I am loving this lime pagoda print – it has just the right hint of the unexpected! Paired with gorgeous pinks and blues, this is a fantastic way to temper a bright color with complementary hues. 

As we get deeper into spring (and even summer), I have lots of citrus inspired goodies coming to the shop to keep me dreaming.  I can’t wait to see where inspiration hits me next!  Until next time – happy decorating!