Serving Up Easter

Bunnies and tulips and colorful eggs, oh my!   With Easter only weeks away (how?!) my mind turns to my wonderful family memories of this time of year – gathering around the dining table to dye eggs, scavenger hunts to find baskets filled with sweets, and heading to church with extended family on Easter morning are among my favorites. Of course, I love to dress the table up for any occasion, and Easter is no different. I’m finding myself having even more fun with it these days, incorporating little things my little guy might enjoy and it’s especially easy at Easter time (who doesn’t love cheerful colors and playful bunnies?)!

Nothing says welcome to spring like a garden full of festive tulips!  Every Spring, we take a “tulip tour” where we stroll through the neighborhood and admire all of the fresh blooms – it’s such a lovely way to kick off the season. These stems make for the perfect Easter celebration arrangement, too! To match our faux-but-fabulous stems with place settings, we debated over our classic cabbage plates and bright dot dishes. We ultimately landed on delicate vintage-inspired floral dishes. The stark white of the settings is just what this colorful display needs for a beautiful balance.  I think one of my favorite parts of this tablescape is the addition of lanterns and colorful eggs scattered throughout.  I feel as though I am in a secret garden that has been curated by the Easter bunny himself! 

Floral Bunny Napkin available – HERE

 When I need a break from the bright and punchy nature of most spring colors, I turn to muted tones to sooth my soul.  Perhaps we can think of muted neutrals as the new Easter pastels!  Instead of rose pink I crave dusty rose, instead of sky blue, I look for shades reminiscent of a slightly overcast sky.  I find that these earthy tones transform a room into a gorgeous display that stands out in its simplicity.  Allow the textures of your dishes and linens to shine through and you won’t be disappointed!  I especially enjoy how this tablescape allows our customer-favorite burlap bunny ear napkin rings to add a bit of whimsy to the table.  They sit on top of artichoke tea light holders that can be used throughout the home once your holiday meal is complete. What is better than décor that can last all season long?!

Oat Colored Dot Plates Available – HERE

As we hop closer to Easter, I am excited to share with you all of the fresh tabletops we have here on display.  The nostalgia this time of year brings seems to be bursting through our double doors!  I hope you have the chance to come visit us and see the magic in person, but if not, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for videos, pictures and so much more! Until next time – happy decorating!