Decorate Your Thanksgiving Tabletop Like a Pro with These 4 Design Inspirations 

It could be argued that the heart of the home on Thanksgiving day isn’t actually the kitchen, but the tabletop, where you will gather with family and friends to share in the splendor and harvest of the season. Toasts will be made, glasses clinked, and heaping dishes passed around.  

Hosting Thanksgiving can come with a lot of pressure, but creating a beautiful tabletop doesn’t have to add to the stress. We rounded up some Thanksgiving tabletop design inspiration that is sure to wow your guests, almost as much as your pumpkin pie recipe.  

Get Creative with Pumpkins 

Pumpkins just may be the “darling” of the season, so incorporating them into your tabletop decor may seem a bit too ‘on the nose’ for some, but we believe that with the right pairings they can leave your tabletop feeling full of whimsy and warmth.  

For this look we wanted to highlight the juxtaposition of the bright orange with the classic blue and white chinoiserie for a chic and preppy feel. Gold accents tie in the colors of the season and present as the perfect partners for this palette, highlighting its warmth with a glow that silver just couldn’t have accomplished. Dainty orange pumpkins are piled high at each place setting, and mirror the orange tones found in the beautifully detailed dinner plates. White pumpkins are peppered throughout the table, adding depth to the design without taking away from the fiery Autumnal centerpiece that resides at the heart of the table. White pumpkin-shaped soup tureens are the perfect unexpected compliment that are sure to bring joy to your guests. 

An Autumnal tabletop highlights the bright colors of the foliage of the season, and pairs it with classic blue and white for a timeless Thanksgiving tabletop.  
A Thanksgiving tabletop awaits guests with a tall floral centerpiece flanked by candlesticks amidst a sea of white pumpkins 
Blue and white chinoiserie are an unexpected juxtaposition to the bright orange pumpkins of the season 

Try a Modern Rustic Look 

If you’re tired of orange come the Thanksgiving feast, opt for a muted, earthy tablescape with hints (not the full color palette!) of fall. An early fall dinner party is the perfect way to transition to the new season and celebrate your new design. 

To make your rustic, farmhouse style table a little dressier for the holiday without making it look out of place, add a voluminous, laidback floral arrangement and use woven linens. I also love the pairing of these moody dark-colored dishes with the sunflowers, black candlesticks, and cream colored serveware.  

Whites, creams, and natural elements are the stars of this beautiful tabletop  
Placing your design elements at varying heights gives your design more depth, and keeps your eyes coming back for more!  

Lean Into the Colors of the Season 

If you love the traditional Thanksgiving look, make sure to include plenty of autumnal shades like brown, burnt orange, ivory, and moss. Think neutrals are boring? No way! Not if you incorporate plenty of textures. Believe me, when peppered with rustic vessels, pampas grass, and dried flowers, a mostly monotone table looks incredibly elegant. 

Another thing that I love about this tabletop is that elements of it can carry throughout the seasons to the holidays. The sentinel deer, birch tree-covered hurricane, and even the wooden candlesticks could perform double duty.  

This tabletop celebrates the rich golden hues of the Fall season  
Natural elements are at play in the place setting and throughout the table, lending to a homey warm feel to this tabletop 

Let Your Place Setting Do the Talking 

Thanksgiving is a time to really let loose with your designs – I’m talking really get creative! For example, the beautiful gilded antlers you see on the place setting? They’re actually stocking hangers for the mantle! We just love what they added to this stately setting.  

For me, this look is all about the place setting. A vertically stacked place setting sets a striking tone and ensures no detail is missed, as your eye travels from the height of the centerpiece to take in the splendor of the dishes. We recommend this for an adult only table, as stacked dishes may resemble a Jenga tower to little hands.  Gold takes center stage in this design, supported by muted white pumpkins and natural elements such as raffia and tortoise detailing on the silverware.  

By stacking the place setting vertically, your eye flows directly to it from the centerpiece.
This gilded place setting incorporates an unexpected element – a Christmas stocking hanger – at each seat.  

This time of year makes me so elated to celebrate with friends and family. Not sure where to start in designing your dream tabletop? Pop by the shop and allow us to assist! Need more than just the tabletop, as in, the whole table or some chairs?  Our designers are here to help. Until next time – happy decorating!