Nell Hill’s Designer Bed Roundup

When it comes to decorating your bedroom, your bed sets the stage, so to speak, for the rest of the design. Choosing bedding you love not only makes a good night’s rest sweeter, but it’s also helpful in tying the rest of the decor in your bedroom together. Because the bed is usually the focal point of the bedroom, finding or curating your ideal bedding brings all other design elements together. 

Not only that – but beds take up lots of room in a bedroom. They not only take up lots of actual space, but visual space as well. That’s why a beautifully made bed can make the whole room look amazing! Designers know this, and use bed linens to their maximum potential when working on a bedroom design. A fabulously made bed can make the whole room appear updated, chic, and beautiful, even if the rest of it isn’t living up to its fullest potential.  

There are so many beautiful beds at the shop this season that I wanted to introduce them (and their designers) to you for a little bit of bedding inspiration!  

The Liza Classic  

This beautiful design was created by our designer Liz, who was immediately inspired by seeing the Liza Classic fabric for this fun, colorful, and ageless bed. What is great about the Liza Classic is that it has so many colors! You can change the look just by doing a different Euro or Coverlet set!  Teal, White, Pink, Green… you can tie them all into this vibrant fabric. This is a new fabric at Nell Hill’s and we found ourselves equally inspired when she was pulling this design together.  

“The Liza Classic really spoke to me when I first saw it on the bolt. I wanted to create something rich that would be timeless and eye-catching.” Liz says herself that she has a tendency to lean toward neutrals and cool colors, so it was fun to see her work outside her normal “comfort zone”. Although we already knew that she would knock it out of the park. 

Interested in recreating this look? All fabrics used for this bedding set are stocked at Nell Hill’s!

Liz passed along this advice for building a bed that inspires. “Always start with your favorite inspirational fabric and build from there.  It is fun to blend solids and patterns of different scales to achieve your vision. Also, not all the bedding has to be custom. We can work with “ready-made” items to build beautiful beds with varying budgets!” 

The Liza Classic is a colorful bedding combination first unveiled in August 
This designer bedscape uses ready-made and custom elements for an easy to pull together look 
Neutral colors are paired with colorful bedding for a timeless new traditional style 
Both ready-made and custom pillows adorn this vibrant patterned bedscape 
This bedding set pulls blues and yellows from the duvet fabric for pillows that make a statement 

The Fall Pheasant Bed 

The beautiful fall colors found in this Nell Hill’s fabric, adorned with flocks of pheasants, was the inspiration for this breathtaking traditionally-styled bed by our designer Glenna. The Fall Pheasant bed was appropriately introduced during our September Fall Open House, a perfect fit for the season.  The duvet fabric is a collection of birds and fall foliage in russets, charcoal, greens and gold, and has been a favorite of those who visit the shop. 

The rich colors found in this duvet fabric provide the opportunity to put both a masculine or softer look together.  This is also the perfect fabric for an eye-catching set of drapes. Your existing wall color, art and accessories can help you determine which color to pull and emphasize from the Mulberry fabric – there are so many to choose from! 

Pairing this busy duvet cover with neutral colors refines and elevates the design 
Rows of pillows and a fluffy duvet adorn a canopy style bed, paired with an upholstered bench and additional throw pillows 
Four rows of pillows are used; two rows of euros, a row of 24X24, and a lumbar pillow in front 
Additional patterns and textures were used in the pillow choices to match the drama of the duvet 

The Equestrian Dream Bed 

With this look, our bedding manager, Paula, was looking to create a beautiful traditional bedscape that was reminiscent of a Ralph Lauren vibe – not too feminine or masculine. She pulled inspiration from the equestrian fabric on the duvet to build a look that could last through the seasons. 

Paula couldn’t wait to work with these beautiful fabrics when they hit the shop floor, as equestrian-inspired design is her favorite look.  Equestrian designs are classic in traditional design and incorporate so many beautiful year round colors, but are especially poignant for fall! You can see that it’s easy to pull several different fabrics that coordinate with the duvet fabric, Woodgate Royal which is repeated here in pillows as well.  It’s warm and mixes beautifully with plaids, checks, houndstooth and velvets.   

Paula used a neutral stripe, Catalina Driftwood, for the back of the duvet and euro pillows.  These, in addition to the middle equestrian pillows are followed by a rich plaid in warm gray and camel. The finishing touch on the bed is a blue velvet front pillow we purchased with an equestrian look as well. (Sorry everyone, we are currently out of that particular pillow but hope to have it again soon). However, if you pop into the shop currently, we have several other fabric options we’re using for a front pillow design that also finishes this look beautifully.  

Paula’s bedding design tip? Don’t be afraid to mix patterns.  When mixing and matching, some things to keep in mind include color, texture and pattern scale. 

Equestrian style, like this bedscape, is a staple in new traditional design 
This bed brings out the colors of Fall, but with the right accessories could hold up to any season 
This equestrian-inspired fabric pulls rich hues of the fall season with which to pair pillows and accessories 
Additional patterns like plaids and stripes are an unexpected pairing to the equestrian fabric on this duvet 

With so many beautiful beds in the shop I am feeling inspired to curl up in one and take a nap! Which designer bed was your favorite?  Tell me in the comments!