Throw it Together with Throw Blankets 

One of my favorite things to do on a quiet weekend morning, especially now that the seasons are changing, is to slip downstairs and enjoy a cup of tea and a book before anyone else is awake, snuggled up in my favorite blanket (even if it is a rare occurrence).  I’m a big fan of throw blankets, although many of us tend to think of them as a utility item rather than a decor object. They can easily cozy up a sofa and dress up a design. If you were asking for my humble opinion, I’d tell you that I deem throw blankets essential for any sofa (or chair or bed or bench)!  

We use throw blankets in a variety of ways at the shop, so I thought we’d round up some of our tried and true favorites to share with you. Here are several ways you can thoughtfully display throw blankets in your own space!  

Styling Your Throw: Drape It Casually 

Our team are truly amazing when it comes to the art of a casually draped throw blanket, but I promise, achieving this style at home is easier than you think. Our recommendation on this look is to feature a lightweight blanket, as it’s not as easy to achieve with a chunky or overly large one. This is also a great styling method to use for the parts of your sofa that may be a little slouchier than the rest. To achieve this look, drape your blanket over the edge of the sofa, letting it spill into the seat. Rearrange any bulkier spots. If there are spots that still don’t feel like they are working well, you can always throw a pillow over it! You’ll see in this option we used two blankets for additional texture and interest. There are no rules, have fun with it!  

Two layered throw blankets are casually draped over the edge of this sofa for additional texture and interest 
Two layered throw blankets make for a snuggly and inviting couch display 

Styling Your Throw: Add a Blanket to Your Bedding 

To some, throws are an essential part of bed styling, bringing color, texture and warmth to the bedroom. We consider them the cherry on top of an already delightfully layered space. Whether you drape them casually or fold with precision, it can turn neutral bedding into showroom-stylish. A blanket draped at the foot of the bed (don’t forget to fold in thirds, first!) can make for a beautiful runner. The plaid throw in this image provides beautiful balance with the fall-toned throw pillows.  

A blanket draped at the foot of the bed makes for an eye-popping “runner” style design element on this neutral bedding 

Styling Your Throw: Feature Them Folded Neatly 

In traditional design, you can’t go wrong with your blanket neatly folded on the seat or arm of your sofa or chair. At the shop, we often like to do this with lightweight throws or blankets that have great patterns that we’d like to feature (cue ALL the Autumnal plaids). This can be on the arm of your sofa, the back of it (centered or not), or on a seat cushion. 

There are several ways you can fold and feature your blanket, but our favorite way is to fold in thirds. We’re also quite fond of “the racing stripe”, like this plaid blanket that is folded and featured at the center of this sofa. This elegant and sophisticated aesthetic requires precision, so make sure your folds are even. You can let tassels and fringes flow freely, or tuck them for a polished look. 

This sofa features a “racing stripe”, as a plaid blanket is draped over the center. 

Styling Your Throw: Hide Them in Plain Sight 

We all have those throw blankets that are so comfortable, but maybe not be the prettiest to look at (or perhaps they simply no longer coordinate with the decor in that space). You know the ones we’re talking about. I’ll admit to having a few, including a particular pink one from my sorority days that is just too soft to let go. But you won’t find them on display in my living room – they’re hiding in plain sight! Using a basket to roll and store extra throw blankets is a useful (and fun!) way to store them when not in use. I like to tuck a few decorative throws and pillows on top of my, we’ll call them “homier” quilts and blankets, for continuity. We each pick our favorite blanket from the basket to use during family movie night, and when it’s time for bed, back into the basket they go!  

This decorative basket stands out with blue and white pillows and throws featured inside 
Store extra pillows and blankets in decorative baskets when not in use for an unexpected design element 

However you decide to style your throw blankets, I hope they bring you a lifetime of coziness. How do you incorporate throw blankets in your decor? Let me know in the comments! Until next time – happy decorating!