Decorating for the Season: Halloween Details

The days are (supposed to be) getting cooler, and the great Pumpkin Spice Latte finally made its debut a few weeks ago. It’s officially Fall, Y’all! As soon as September rolls in, it’s tempting to redecorate your home—inside and out—to welcome the autumnal season. For the truly motivated among us (and for those of us at the shop), the planning may start even earlier. And that includes planning for the spookiest holiday of them all: Halloween.

The shop features a spooky display of Halloween characters and seasonal decor of black, white, and orange. 

I’ve always loved Halloween and have fond memories of my dad littering our yard with dry ice to create an eerie fog for the little witches and mummies that came to our house to trick or treat. I still adore the opportunity to dress up, although there aren’t as many socially acceptable occasions to do so as a “grown up”. Luckily for me, my older son doesn’t complain when I play along, like the year we all dressed as paleontologists (per his request). And although I’m not decking out my yard every year, my family and I still treasure our time walking from house to house, and of course seeing who (or what) arrives on our doorstep for candy.  

Katie’s oldest dressed as a paleontologist from a previous Halloween season.  

Our Top Halloween Decorating Tips 

Although many staunchly believe that decorating for Halloween should be reserved for October 1, if you’re feeling inspired by the change in the air, I feel that it’s not too early to show a little seasonal appreciation. Do so with these Halloween decorating tips! 

Creating Your Halloween “Shelfie” 

Halloween figures and details are the perfect way to dress up any shelf for the season. My first tip when creating your perfect vignette is to take this opportunity to undecorate before you decorate. I know it seems like a lot of work, but making way for these beauties on your shelf can sometimes mean clearing out the distractions. Take your normal picture frames off the walls and decorations off all surfaces including tables, counters, and shelves. When you add Halloween decorations on top of your normal décor, the result can look a bit cluttered and confused. Put all the focus on your Halloween decorations by making them the center of attention.  

A candelabra and black wicker tree add spooky supporting design elements to this seasonal display 
Halloween decor is featured beautifully in a whimsical seasonal display 
Figurines and seasonal favorites like skulls and spiderwebs are featured on this shelf display 

Focus on Your Color Scheme 

There is more than one way to decorate for Halloween, and it definitely doesn’t have to be solely orange and black. A black and white color scheme can feel just as seasonal, make it creepy with black, green, and purple, or lend an air of sophistication with silver and black. Our tip? Try to keep it to three main colors, this will keep your house looking put together and polished even if it is full of whimsy.  

A whimsical pumpkin-headed figure sits atop an orange gourd, surrounded by Halloween decor 
A bashful pumpkin is tucked among seasonal foliage for a fun addition to the holidays  

Leave No Room Unhaunted  

Spooky decor isn’t just for your living room! Don’t forget about those often overlooked but frequently used spaces, like the bathroom and kitchen. Another tip: don’t forget to hide those pesky cords from light up decorations to really elevate your design. Using painters tape to secure cords to the back of your furniture keeps them within reach but out of sight.  

There are many fun ways to feature Halloween vessels in your home, and we carry quite a few options in the shop 

Bringing Halloween to Your Tabletop  

This seasonal tabletop is a great example of decorating for Halloween…without really decorating for Halloween. Not a fan of the camp of the season? Autumnal blooms and some black linens and soup tureens lend to the season without going “all in”. Bringing Halloween to your tabletop is an unexpected way to celebrate, and is sure to wow your friends and family this spooky season. We just hope none of your guests find an eyeball in their soup!  

This Halloween-inspired tabletop features black and gold without leaning too far into the spookiness of the holiday 

These Halloween design tips are tame enough that the younger ghouls and goblins among us can get into the swing of the season without feeling creeped out by all the gory details. I hope these tips and tricks inspire you to get out the pumpkins and into the spirit of Halloween. Until next time – happy decorating!