Fall Mantel Roundup

For weeks the team bustled around the shop, preparing for this past weekend, the Fall Open House. We opened our doors, fluffed our pillows, and lit our favorite candle of the moment: Gatherings. The champagne flowed, and groups of friends and family walked from room to room hunting for treasures for their homes. I got to meet many new faces, and a few friends showed up too!  

I love to walk the shop floor early in the mornings before anyone else has arrived. It inspires me. As I walked the floor this weekend, I was awestruck by the one thing that tied each room together: Fall foliage. While I might be a bit biased, our florals are always fantastic but this season, I felt as though I was seeing them with fresh eyes.  

It’s true, Fall foliage is having a *moment*.  

For the Fall Open House, we wanted to dream up new spaces that still felt entirely Nell Hill’s. Incorporating floral elements into those designs just made perfect sense. I love celebrating Fall, especially through design, though this season in the shop seems fleeting! So for now, I am looking for timeless pieces that can make the transition to Christmas. This mantelpiece is a fantastic example of that. This stag head is an element that could be put up in the Fall and transition through the seasons. The candlesticks could ride out the holiday season, to be swapped with something lighter and brighter in the spring.  

How to achieve this look: This stag head was affixed to the wall using professional help, and needed to be anchored in place above the mirror. We wreathed the stag in gold and green garland to incorporate an organic element into the design. We polished this look with a series of symmetrical candles on either side for balance.  

The bust of a stag sits in a wreath of gold Fall foliage, flanked by symmetrical candles 

Different ways to feature Fall Foliage  

If you don’t want to block a piece of art or beautiful mirror from view, we don’t blame you! Keep your visual interest at the edge of the piece to allow your eye to travel across it. Layer in everyday items at varying heights for a design full of movement. In this mantel, monochromatic books and gourds lend to the Autumnal motif without stealing the show from the striking red dahlias in the floral arrangement.  

How to achieve this look: A floral arrangement layered between everyday items makes for a stunning mantelpiece. We took monochromatic books and pumpkins and tucked them on the mantel, ensuring that they were playfully stacked at differing heights. We then crafted this floral centerpiece using moody red dahlias and seasonal stems. The more stems the merrier for this bouquet for a full but not heavy look. Don’t forget the candlesticks! We placed one on a stack of books to allow your eye to travel from the floral arrangement all the way across the mirror.  

An autumnal centerpiece is the highlight of this beautifully decorated monochromatic vignette  
A fiery red bouquet sits atop a stack of books upon a mantel, giving the design height and interest 

Fall foliage in full force 

Not just for use during the holidays, Fall garland and picks can create quite the statement, like on this mantel in our Missouri Blue Stem room. I know you always hear me say that blue and white matches everything. And in this case, it’s true! This tried and true color combo really let the colors of the season do the talking in this design.  

How to achieve this look: To recreate a statement autumnal arrangement, add in your big stems and larger foliage first, then layer in the smaller stems to add fullness and visual interest. The beauty of this design is in its simplicity. We recommend a long and thin container for your blooms, to ensure it isn’t too deep for the mantel, and to give your arrangement some room to spread out. 

Matching Fall foliage centerpieces adorn the fireplace mantel and ottoman 
This mantel is adorned with a floral-focused motif that draws your eye with dramatic colors and organic shapes 

The season isn’t officially here until my mantel has been updated! It is usually where I start with a seasonal changeover at home. Whether you like to swap out a few simple elements or completely redesign, these focal points in your home make for great places to display your love of seasonal decor. Which place (or places) in your home do you like to dress up for each season? Tell me below in the comments! Until next time – Happy Decorating!